Upgrade Kit for Baggage Check-in Scales

Upgrade Kit for Baggage Check-in Scales

Upgrade Kit for Baggage Check-in Scales Product Image

Baggage check-in counters are easily remodeled with Pennsylvania Scales’ M64 Conversion kit designed to work with existing scale bases. Up to four flush mount displays with or without buttons for ZERO, UNITS, and PRINT can be included. NTEP and Canadian Weights and Measures-certified, the displays adapt to existing platforms if they are in good condition. Flush Mount Stainless Steel displays are mounted on the inside face of the bagwell or front/back with the operator display buttons.





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Product From Vanderlande Industries, Inc.

STACK@EASE will double the performance of handlers making up flights (any type cart and/or containers) without impacting the way of working. By making any baggage item weightless for the handlers it takes away any restriction for lifting. By introducing NO restrictions within the freedom of movement, the current natural, intuitive and parabolic ways of working remains intact. All OSHA and OWAS levels (H&S Ergonomics related regulations) are kept well within the maximum allowable ranges. The product by an extendable arm, allows access and reach to all corners of a cart or container. It is easy to integrate within existing facilities and its intuitive way of operations allows handlers to start working with it right away. Its unique balancing system without pneumatics or drives makes it silent in use.

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Product From QuinTech

QuinTech launced Scan&Fly at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2012. Scan&Fly is a solution for self bag drop designed to be fast, functional, and easy to retrofit into current airport infrastructure. With Scan&Fly it is possible to comfortably drop a bag in under 15 seconds, says the company.

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Conveyor Baggage Transfer System

Product From R.J. Design LLC

The Conveyor Baggage Transfer System was designed to eliminate shoulder and back injuries for ground personnel. With its unique design of being installed in the loading bridge cab curtain, it does not cause any damage (cutting or welding) on the passenger loading bridge and therefore can be moved to different locations. The entire unit folds back into the cab curtain when not in use.

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Auto Bag Drop

Product From ICM Airport Technics

ICM Airport Technics has developed a new self-service Bag Drop System. ICM delivered a successful roll-out of 80 Auto Bag Drop (ABD) systems for Qantas Airlines in six airports across Australia. More than five million bags have been successfully injected. ICM has now been awarded a tender to install ABD trial units at Heathrow Airport. 

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Bag Lift

Product From Austral Star LLC

The Austral Star Bag Lift solves the problem of gate checked baggage handling with a solution that starts at concourse level by having passengers place their bag onto a bag cart built into the walls of a passenger boarding bridge walkway. The ramp agent then closes the door and sends the cart to the ramp where workers wheel it to the aircraft for loading. Reduce aircraft gate time and increase safety by eliminating bag congestion in the PBB, says the company. 

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300C Smart Carousel System

Product From Siemens Airport Logistics

The Siemens 300C is an intelligent, energy efficient claim and makeup device that utilizes multiple 2-hp redundant drive units which engage and disengage based on load requirements. The result is reduced power consumption, reduced maintenance, and increase in power train life. The technology is the quietest in the industry, says the company.

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Baggage Tray System

Product From Jervis B. Webb Company

Daifuku Co., Ltd. announces it has developed a new baggage handling system for airports called Baggage Tray System or BTS. The BTS provides efficient and secure transportation and sortation of passenger bags from check-in counters to baggage make-up areas. Unlike conventional systems where bags are placed directly on conveyor belts, Daifuku’s new system provides precise handling and tracking by transporting bags in individual trays. Additionally, BTS boasts conveyor speeds at 600 meters per minute.

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Product From BEUMER Group

The latest innovation in Crisplant's CrisBag® technology for baggage handling is an adaptive tilt mechanism which provides both static and dynamic tilt for baggage discharge. By checking baggage flows, the control system can determine the required throughput and automatically switch between dynamic tilt, to discharge bags on-the-fly at a rate of 3,000 bags per hour, or static tilt for lower throughput and operating costs during quiet periods. The technology is currently being installed at Düsseldorf International Airport to link terminals. 

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E-Hitch Coupling

Product From SAF-Holland

The new e-Hitch design reflects the company’s many years of experience in supplying reliable coupling products for demanding GSE operations.

The HOLLAND e-Hitch features:

  • 30,000 pounds (13,610 kg) or 50,000 pounds (22,680 kg) drawbar pull (DBP) rating depending on fastener size used in installation.
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Power Face Diverter

Product From Five Star Airport Alliance

G&T’s Power Face Diverter is a baggage sorting solution that meets a wide range of airport demands. The Power Face Diverter is designed for use in any pushing or diverting application where more precise control of a power face diverter arm is required. G&T’s exclusive drive geometry makes it quiet, rigid, and vibration resistant. The physical size, shape, and mounting footprint allow it to be used in new applications as well as an upgrade to an existing pusher line with minor modification to the existing conveyors.

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