Scene Analyzer

Scene Analyzer

Scene Analyzer Product Image

Using advanced digital signal processing, Scene Analyzer transforms basic video cameras into intelligent vision sensors. Its stand-alone design enables it to read, evaluate, and react to digital and/or analog video feeds for motion of interest

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Pilot Director- TDTL (SWAPs) Severe Weather Aircraft Parking System (PAATs) Park At Any Time System

Product From IST International Ltd.

Ideal for airlines & ground support engineers (GSE). Keeps traffic moving in bad weather, lightning, and De-Ice operations. Giving pilots added safety and visibility while directing them into the terminal. Able to stop, slow, and direct the airliner right, left, or forward. The marshals are safe and secure inside a tug or vehicle equipped with these cost saving systems. No missed flights or reschedules, reduces fuel taxiing. Get your passengers to their destinations without delay! Pays for itself in 2-4 uses! NO-tarmac delays, no fines, especially with the passenger rights law. Airlines have already been fined $100,000-$375,000. Most progressive Airlines/FBO have been using for over 10 years. Safety Aircraft Parking.

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RGB Spectrum

Product From RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum has expanded its line of DSx codecs with the new DSx MILPACK 300 mil-spec ruggedized model, which is specially designed for streaming and recording graphics and HD video in challenging, mission critical environments. 

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NEC's Ultra-Narrow Displays for Video Walls

Product From NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Transform your video walls with NEC's 46" X463UN and 55" X551UN ultra-narrow displays. These LED-backlit, professional-grade large-screen displays enable video walls up to 10x10 and a 5.7mm distance between active screen areas. The X463UN and X551UN also offer Intel's Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), which is the first industry-wide standardization in option slots that allows easer installation, use and maintenance of digital signage. NEC also offers a variety of services to supplement customers' hardware purchases, including

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Trapped Key Interlocks

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation offers a complete line of trapped key interlocks, including:

- Mechanical bolt interlocks

- Access interlocks

- Exchange Key Units

- Main power isolation interlocks

- Control power isolation interlocks

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Security Services

Product From G2 Secure Staff

Predeparture Screening

Sports Team/Fan Charter Screening

Aircraft Security Services

Parking lot security

Hanger Protection

Positive Claims Services

Checpoint Design & Equiptment acquisition

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Cargo Services

Product From G2 Secure Staff

Cargo Agents

Cargo Sales Agents

Cargo Customer Service Agents

Warehouse Security Officers

Small Package Delivery Services

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Security fence

Product From Transpo Industries Inc.

Transpo offers the Blast-Safe Jet-Blast and perimeter security fence. Originally developed for NASA to protect a launch site control tower, it utilizes a unique double-reversed corrugated (DRC) fabric. The DRC fabric allows jet-blast to be diffused safely, while preventing penetration of airborne solid debris. The continuous, monolithic construction makes the system suitable as a security fence or glare screen. It can be custom designed to meet your project specifications and design flexibility provides tailored protection while keeping the cost down. Access doors, gates, lighting, barb wire attachments, and other site-specific features easily incorporated for added safety and convenience. Blast-Safe comes in standard heights of 8, 10, 12, and 14 feet. The length and location of the fence is determined by each project’s specification. With a footprint of less than 24 feet, the barrier can fit in 'tight' locations, maximizing limited right-of-way space. For more inforamtion visit

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Passive CCTV Power Integrator Hub

Product From MuxLab Inc.

The Passive CCTV Power Integrator Hub allows video, remote power, and PTZ control to be transmitted via one Cat5e/6 cable between the CCTV camera and the DVR in the security video environment. The product features a built-in 16-channel CCTV power supply (350VA) that supplies 24VAC or 28VAC to each CCTV camera.

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Virtual Airfield Management System

Product From Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT)

AirIT’s Virtual Airfield Management System (VAMS) makes it possible to simulate an out-of-the-window view for one or multiple geographically dispersed aprons, de-icing pads, and aircraft parking areas, and consolidates the various views into one operator display.

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Access Control

Product From CyberLock Inc.

The CyberLock system of electronic locks and programmable keys are ideal for airport facilities looking to increase security and control access to hangers, gates, server rooms, and restricted areas. Each key is programmed with specific access schedules based on time, date, and authority level—so only authorized users can access restricted areas. Users can setup email notifications and create audit reports about all lock and key activities including unauthorized attempts to gain entry.

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