Snow Clearing Equipment

Snow Clearing Equipment

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High speed rotary cutter Blower

Passenger Stairs

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Disabled Passenger Vehicle

Product From DENGE Airport Equipment

Dengelift is a self-propelled unit with automatic transmission and diesel engine. Provides a minimum front service height of 1,300 mm up to 5,800 mm. Operator friendly dashboard and control panels. Practical electrical and hydraulics installation. Easy to maintain and repair. The vehicle is an individual unit completely custom made and with single complete warranty. Winner of the most innovative product for the ramp at the 2013 inter airport Europe.

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Side Shift Cab

Product From R.J. Design LLC

Side Shift Cab services all passenger loading bridges and aircraft, making it easier to dock without misaligning with the aircraft doors. The Side Shift Cab shifts 18 inches left or right from the center line of cab.

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Pilot Director- TDTL (SWAPs) Severe Weather Aircraft Parking System (PAATs) Park At Any Time System

Product From IST International Ltd.

Ideal for airlines & ground support engineers (GSE). Keeps traffic moving in bad weather, lightning, and De-Ice operations. Giving pilots added safety and visibility while directing them into the terminal. Able to stop, slow, and direct the airliner right, left, or forward. The marshals are safe and secure inside a tug or vehicle equipped with these cost saving systems. No missed flights or reschedules, reduces fuel taxiing. Get your passengers to their destinations without delay! Pays for itself in 2-4 uses! NO-tarmac delays, no fines, especially with the passenger rights law. Airlines have already been fined $100,000-$375,000. Most progressive Airlines/FBO have been using for over 10 years. Safety Aircraft Parking.

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Radial Boarding Bridges

Product From Ameribridge LLC

Ameribridge provides new radial boarding bridges for the commuter aircraft operations market.  Ameribridge acquired all rights to the Dewbridge product line in 2012, and is now taking the radial boarding bridge to an even higher level of service and reliability.  Several design, engineering and component enhancements keep the new Ameribridge radial boarding bridge at the top of the aviation industry's list for safety, security and comfort in serving customers on commuter aircraft. Contact Jay Bouton at (970) 226-4717. 

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Parts And Service

Product From Ameribridge LLC

Ameribridge provides parts and service for all brands of boarding bridges. From wheel bogies to limit switches; from lift columns and drive motors to solid tires, we can provide the right parts for your PBB.  We have an extensive selection of drive motors and critical parts in stock for immediate shipment.  

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30 Ton PCA Unit

Product From FCX Systems Inc.

FCX Systems' 30 ton PCA unit offers: '#8729; Versatility - common parts; the same unit is used in bridge and mobile designs '#8729; Diesel/electric combination unit the 60Hz diesel generator can be used for emergency power '#8729; Unit frame is manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum material thus preventing rusting and increasing the longevity of the unit '#8729; Entire unit is powder coated to further protect the unit from the environment '#8729; High efficiency design to conserve power '#8729; No damper is used on the outlet the blower is driven by a VFD thus conserving energy '#8729; All units are designed for low operating noise levels 75 to 85 dBA without the diesel engine '#8729; Sizes from 15 to 150 tons '#8729; Refrigerant R22, R407c or R134a '#8729; Designed for long reliable service in the severe airport environment

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Electric-Powered Stairs

Product From NMC-Wollard Inc.

Popular CMPS - 170 Stair, with a reach up to 170.5 inches (B-767) is available with electric power. Quiet, efficient propulsion system offers a proactive option (diesel- and gas-powered units also available). Highly maneuverable unit is easy to position - operator can see doorsill during approach to the airplane. Model 170 is designed to ARP 836 and shares design elements and parts commonality with several other NMC-WOLLARD products.

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Passenger Boarding Bridge

Product From JetBridge International Inc.

JetBridge International, Inc. has led the passenger boarding bridge industry of meeting client's needs for more than 20 years by providing superior services and products including installation, custom rehab/refurbish/modification, preventative maintenance and service, spare parts, engineering and design, construction management, asset assessment, fabrication and proprietary equipment.

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A-380 Passenger Lift

Product From Ground Support Specialist LLC

The GS260 is an electrically powered disabled passenger lift that will service aircraft up to the A-380. This proven and simple design allows for single-person operation. These highly reliable units have an excellent track record and require minimal maintenance.

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Over-The-Wing Passenger Boarding Bridge


Apron and radial drive passenger boarding bridges for most types of regional, narrow and wide-body aircraft are designed and manufactured by Dewbridge Airport Systems. Our newest product line includes the over-thewing passenger boarding bridge, which docks to both L1 and L2 doors of the aircraft and reduces aircraft turn-times at the gate.

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