6000 DXS Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaner

6000 DXS Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaner

6000 DXS Tobacco Smoke Air Cleaner Product Image

The 6000 DXS Tobaccos Smoke Air cleaner is designed to filter commercial spaces of up to 1500 sq. ft of tobacco smoke toxins.

This system contains a micro-particulate filter, a tar trap filter, a 36 lb activated carbon filter and a post filter.

Fully portable on caster wheels.

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Park ItĀ® Parking Stop

Product From GNR Technologies

Heavy-duty wheel stops manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. Unlike concrete, which often breaks, cracks, or chips, flexible rubber parking stops are safer and more durable. In-molded reflective tape available in yellow or white (not paint) increases driver and pedestrian visibility 360-degrees. Park It car stops are available in black, blue, or red rubber with sizes of: 22-inches, 3-foot, 4-foot, and 6-foot lengths. They are covered by a 3 year warranty on the rubber, and 1 year warranty on the tape (under normal use). Can be installed on concrete or asphalt.

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Easy RiderĀ® Speed Bump

Product From GNR Technologies

Speed bumps constructed from 100% recycled rubber force cars to slow down increasing safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Rubber speed bumps are preformed and can be used for both permanent and / or temporary use. Available in 4-foot and 6-foot lengths, the channeled bottom can cover cabling and multiple units can be combined to cover the width of any roadway. In-molded yellow highway tape (not paint) and cat's eye reflectors enhance visibility, especially at night. Easy Rider Rubber Speed Bumps are the ideal maintenance-free traffic control solution that can be installed on both asphalt and concrete. Covered by a 3 year warranty on the rubber, 1 year on the tape (under normal use).

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Wireless Headset Systems

Product From Flightcom Corporation

Flightcom's wireless aircraft towing, jacking and flight line maintenance communication system supports aircraft movement with one to five team members. The configurable system allows team members to listen and alert the operator to hazards. Ground crew members hear the flight deck, team members and operator are in constant communication, and the lead operator communicates with the flight deck via headset PTT. Flightcom's E-13 ANR is designed for rugged cockpit environments. The headset prevents noise fatigue and enhances communication through ANR technology.

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Product From Tiger Corporation

The PROWLER is a remote controlled, rotary mower with rubber tracks and a low center of gravity. The mower is ideal for controlling vegetation on slopes up to 50°.  The 52” rotary cutter can handle grass and light brush on slopes that are traditionally maintained by workers with hand held engine driven weed trimmers. The PROWLER features a 300-foot remote operating range; the operator-friendly remote controller allows the operator to adjust the cutting height from 2.25 to 8 inches of height on the go.

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Gravograph USA

Product From Gravograph

Gravograph supplies complete lines of engraving systems machines, and products.

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Endurablend Systems

Product From Tensar International Corporation

Endurablend™ Systems have been successfully used in a number of aviation applications, restoring skid resistant surfaces on airport runways, taxiways and aprons; aircraft maintenance areas and machine shops; refueling areas; helipads and more. Endurablend Systems provide a flexible yet durable barrier over asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces, protecting them from the traffic and the environmental demands of military and civilian airports. Endurablend Systems comply with FAA EB62 specifications for Polymer Modified Cementitious Overlay (PMCO) fuel-resistant surfaces, allowing their use for most types of airport installations.

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FOD Signs

Product From Estex Manufacturing Co. Inc.

ESTEX MANUFACTURING CO has created a series of signs that walk operators through the 3 stages of FOD (foreign object debris) readiness.They are Awareness, Control, and Critical. Each is denoted by color and by a shape.

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Elgin Crosswind FSX

Product From Elgin Sweeper Company

Elgin Crosswind /Crosswind FSX, which is a regenerative air sweeper with superb pickup at high (FSX) or low speeds. The Crosswind / Crosswind FSX is used for runways, aprons, tarmac, or parking lots.

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I-6500 A 80 Air cleaner

Product From Allerair Industries

This commercial air cleaner is designed to filter the air in areas up to 5000 Sq Ft.

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Product From Atlas Technologies, LLC

The Titan can be immediately added to your wall-mounted toilet facilities to increase support and the life of your facilities. Specifically designed to withstand the harshest cleaning chemicals, the Titan will not crack, chip, rust or absorb liquids. The Titan is the best option for supporting your customer's wall-mounted toilet needs.

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