27 II and 28II multimeters

27 II and 28II multimeters

27 II and 28II multimeters Product Image

Fluke Corp., known for its durable handheld electronic test and measurement tools, offers the Fluke 27 II and 28 II digital multimeters, designed to survive water, dust and rough handling that would kill other tools. Both meters are IP 67 rated for water and dust resistance and offer an extended operating temperature range of -15 C to +55 C (5 F to 131 F). They will function in -40 C temperatures for up to 20 minutes. They will operate in 95 percent humidity, and are designed and tested to withstand a 3 m (10-foot) drop. Both meters will measure up to 1,000v AC and DC and up to 10 A (20 A for 30 seconds). They feature a 10,000 µF capacitance range and measure frequencies to 200 kHz. Both provide min/max and average readings to capture variations automatically and both provide auto and manual ranging for maximum flexibility. They are powered by three AA batteries and provide an average battery life of 800 hours. For more information call (800) 443-5853 or visit www.fluke.com.

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PPM Inc. portable ohmmeters

Product From Ppm Instruments

PPM field rugged portable ohmmeters are qualified by the US DoD for use on military aircraft of all types. Products include bond meters for general use that are intrinsically safe for jet fuel environments; micro ohmmeters that are useful for the shop environment; gigohm meters for insulation resistance testing; and ground resistance tests for ground testing and environmental electrical safety tests. For more information visit www.ppminc.com or call (216) 595-3200.

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189 data logging multimeter and software

Product From Fluke Corporation

The Fluke 189 data logging multimeter and software combo pack includes the top-end Fluke 189 logging digital multimeter and the new FlukeView Forms 3.0 software package. The multimeter delivers high accuracy (0.025 percent basic DCV accuracy) and more than 20 different measurement functions. It can measure and log AC and DC voltage and current, resistance and continuity, temperature, and db as well as perform diode tests. The included extended run time battery pack extends data logging to more than 400 total hours. You can set it up to log and capture data over time to help spot, diagnose and prevent intermittent problems. Compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system, FlukeView Forms software can display and overlay data from up to six DMMs on a single chart, to show cause and effect relationships or for predictive maintenance applications. Users can modify charts for clarity, print them out and save them for future reference. For more information visit www.fluke.com or call (888) 308-5277.

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Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool

Product From Spectronics Corporation

Spectronics Corp. has introduced the MDE-2000NC Marksman II, an ultrasonic diagnostic tool that converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible “natural” sound. This highly advanced tool allows the technician to “hear” even the smallest compressed air, natural gas, propane tank, vacuum, steam, and other pressurized leaks … before they lead to major breakdowns. The receiver converts inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible sound using heterodyne circuitry. Then, its unique Sound Signature Technology finetunes the audible sound into the natural sound emitted by the leak itself. A 5-LED signal intensity indicator and audible alarm pinpoint the exact source of the problem. An Internal Noise Control (INC) feature safeguards against ambient noise. For more information visit

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ECT Inspection System

Product From UniWest

In response to customer interest in a lower-cost, limited-feature, eddy current testing system for jet engine components weighing up to 30 pounds, NDT innovator, UniWest, has developed a new tabletop, 3-axis, semi

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Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester

Product From Aircraft Tool Supply Company

The ATS Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to reliably and accurately check the quality of used spark plugs. Aircraft Tool Supply is the sole distributor of this highly efficient product. Recently, they have equipped the cleaner and tester with both 120- and 220-volt sources and advanced circuitry to prevent thermal overload during heavier use. The cleaner section uses a powerful blast of air and abrasive to thoroughly remove carbon deposits from plugs. The recessed observation mirror is perfectly angled to display the electrode of the spark plug so that you can clearly judge the quality of the spark as the plug is being tested. For more information visit

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UV Leak Detection Kit

Product From Spectroline

The Spectroline MLK-35A MAXIMA Leak Detection UV Kit pinpoints the exact source of leaks in hydraulic, engine oil, and aircraft fuel systems. The kit features the super-powerful MAXIMA ultraviolet lamp and an 8-ounce (237 ml) bottle of Aero-Brite universal fluorescent dye, which locates all leaks in petroleum- and synthetic-based aviation fluid systems. The lamp’s state-of-the-art Micro Discharge Light (MDL) technology delivers up to 10 times the UV-A output of conventional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. It is so powerful that it can be used in direct sunlight. This makes it ideal for outdoor inspections on tarmacs and in open hangars. For more information call (800) 274-8888 or visit 

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Advanced Composite Training

Product From Abaris Training Resources Inc.

Abaris Training is the world leader in advanced composite training, having served both military and commercial customers for more than 30 years. It offers more than 26 intensive short-courses in engineering, manufacturing and repair related subjects. It claims: “We provide a semester’s worth of education in a five-day class.” You can take courses at one of its four facilities, or it can bring the training to you! For more information visit

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Cabin Pressure Tester

Product From Tronair Inc.

The Tronair Cabin Pressure Tester utilizes an external compressed air supply for pressurizing and testing the integrity of the aircraft cabin, door, canopy seal and outflow and safety valves. The compressed air is supplied to a filter/separator through a safety valve, a high flow precision regulator, passed through a flowmeter and then out to the aircraft cabin. The rate of climb indicator allows the operator to monitor the system while pressurizing and depressurizing the aircraft. For more information visit 

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Temperature Control Heat Gun

Product From Master Appliance

Master Appliance’s Proheat STC Surface Temperature Control Heat Gun, Model PH-1600, quickly brings work surface temperatures up to your programmed target, while preventing over or under-heating.  An electronically integrated IR sensor provides continuous surface temperature readings and automatically regulates heat to reach and maintain your target temperature, even with changes in the heat gun’s distance from the work surface. It has high power, temperature and airflow ratings, and dial-in, programmable surface temperatures of 90 F to 500 F. (40 C to 270 C), displayed in 10-degree increments in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Airflow is adjustable from 4 to 16 cfm. It is ideal for use in manual prepreg lay-up in composite parts manufacturing and rework. For more information call (800) 558-9413 or visit 

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Portable Articulating Videoscope

Product From Karl Storz Industrial-America Inc.

The MoVeo portable four-way articulating video borescope system with integrated full color display, LED light source, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and embedded imaging software provides the industrial investigator a new paradigm in ergonomic, fatigue-free digital visual inspection. The ergonomic handle is designed for both right and left handed operators. MoVeo delivers professional grade imaging capabilities enabling visual inspection documentation and video recording in high resolution. It is an all-in-one video borescope imaging system designed for borescopic non-destructive visual inspection in technical applications including turbines, motors, component parts as well as gas, oil and chemical container inspections. For more information visit 

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