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A complete range of bearing types to suit any aerospace application, from nose to tail.

Tapered roller bearings
Code 629 aircraft landing wheel bearings
Ball bearings
Cylindrical roller bearings
Needle roller bearings
Spherical roller bearings

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Brake Bleeder Tank

Product From Aircraft Tool Supply Company

Reduce waste in the hangar. Reverse brake bleeding allows you to purge your brake lines quickly and efficiently while reducing fluid loss. Aircraft Tool Supply's ATS Deluxe Brake Bleeder Tank is designed to bleed and re-charge your brake system while at the same time resisting the solvent effects of these fluids. It features a completely reengineered hand operated pressurizing pump that will deliver more pressure with fewer strokes. Aviation customers highly recommend this product. The plastic reservoir will withstand most types of petroleum-based and synthetic aviation brake fluids such as 5605 and Skydrol. For more information visit 

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Products and Services for Commercial Aviation

Product From Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

Material Services

Fleet Services

Flight Services

Information Services

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Beechcraft Control Surfaces and Landing Gear

Product From Preflight Repair Services

Ailerons, flaps, elevators, rudders repaired or exchanged.

Landing gear components repaired or overhauled.


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Precision Forging

Product From California Drop Forge Inc.

California Drop Forge Inc. (CDF) forges lightweight, but extremely strong, metals like titanium into aviation/aerospace components used by the U.S. Armed Forces. This CDF Stainless Steel, structural wing support with its protective coating is used on the U.S. Air Force’s C-5 Galaxy Transport. CDF is compliant with AS 9100, ISO-9000:2001, NADCAP, a registered PRI and U.S. military government recognized supplier. For complete details on California Drop Forge's military aviation forged or machined component production capabilities, visit

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Fastening technology

Product From Jergens, Inc.

Jergens is a world leader in innovative fastening technology for a wide range of applications. Its user-friendly products are designed with unique, problem-solving features that increase efficiency and effectiveness. With thousands of standard products available, and the ability to modify standards and manufacture custom specials, Jergens can meet your requirements while bringing simple solutions to complex applications. Its products go beyond industry accepted standards, to provide you with unique features, dependable reliability and quality construction. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and we maintain strict control of our processes from start to finish. Jergens Kwik-Lok Pins provide quick, easy positive engagement and high holding strength for applications requiring repetitive use. Jergens is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, government-approved manufacturer with special Military and Aerospace sizes/configurations available. 

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Portable Hoists

Product From Didsbury Engineering Co. Ltd.

Portable hoists for aircraft assembly/maintenance. Didsbury Hoists have been in use in the aviation industry for more than 70 years. Used around the world for removal and installation of APUs, actuators, engines, landing gear, air-conditioning units and ram air turbines.

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Maagkit hardware kitting

Product From UPC LLC (Universal Products Collaborative)

UPC LLC has developed the newest innovation in precision kitting for small hardware parts and tools, MAAGKIT. Every component in the kit is modular so the kit lasts forever and never becomes obsolete! Don't throw out that kit every time there is a part change, simply change out the cell. Eliminates excess hardware inventories and related FOD. Each individual insert tray is custom engineered and fabricated to your stringent specifications to hold parts in place even in the most extreme shipping and installation environments. Eliminate waste associated with current binning methods of part storage and delivery as each part number and scheduled quantity is laser etched into the supporting plate’s surface. Help your MRO organization by delivering exactly what the technicians and mechanics need every time on time. For more information visit

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Hardware reference book

Product From Genuine Aircraft Hardware Co.

The Genuine Aircraft Hardware Reference book has become an industry standard for mechanics, it is a must-have in their aviation-driven world. With more than 300+ pages of technical info and comprehensive indexing, this reference book has become an essential tool for more than 70,000 general aviation individuals. The most recent edition is available free in the U.S., for a limited time only. Call for details.

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Skyflex aerospace materials

Product From W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

W. L. Gore has expanded its family of GORE SKYFLEX aerospace materials to include preformed gaskets for multi-face aircraft applications such as hole liners, flange joints, fastener seals, and galley or restroom hard-mounts. These lightweight, nonhazardous gaskets ensure continuous protection between flat interfaces, around chamfers, and inside a component’s mounting hole. By isolating dissimilar materials completely, these new gaskets significantly reduce the likelihood of galvanic corrosion, thereby increasing the life of the component. They do not require any curing time, which reduces downtime and facilitates replacement during component maintenance. Available in diameters from 3 to 150 millimeters, these new gaskets are formed to each customer’s dimensions, and they are easy to install without any special equipment or facilities needed. For more information visit

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Aviation tire

Product From Goodyear Aviation

Goodyear offers an aluminum core bead for use in aviation tires. The patented light weight alloy bead core using aluminum results in weight savings. The traditional construction of the bead has a steel center wrapped by strands of high tensile wire. Goodyear has found a way to replace the steel core with aluminum. The tire with this innovation, H37.5x12.0R19, will be fitted on the Gulfstream G650. The weight savings on this tire equates to 3 pounds per tire. Goodyear introduced the first airplane tire in 1909, and since then, has continued to innovate in aviation tires. For more information visit

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