Aerospace Original Equipment

Aerospace Original Equipment

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We provide bearings for engines, gearboxes, accessories, airframe controls and landing wheels. We also supply related components, including precision hardware

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Brake Bleeder Tank

Product From Aircraft Tool Supply Company

Reduce waste in the hangar. Reverse brake bleeding allows you to purge your brake lines quickly and efficiently while reducing fluid loss. Aircraft Tool Supply's ATS Deluxe Brake Bleeder Tank is designed to bleed and re-charge your brake system while at the same time resisting the solvent effects of these fluids. It features a completely reengineered hand operated pressurizing pump that will deliver more pressure with fewer strokes. Aviation customers highly recommend this product. The plastic reservoir will withstand most types of petroleum-based and synthetic aviation brake fluids such as 5605 and Skydrol. For more information visit 

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Gas Turbine Engine Maintenance

Product From Chromalloy

Today’s challenging military budget environment demands that the world’s military organizations control ever-increasing costs of maintaining gas turbine engines while ensuring safety, reliability and top performance. For more than 60 years Chromalloy has successfully applied proven commercial engine component repair practices to provide cost-effective repair of engine components belonging to the U.S. Department of Defense and many international military customers. For more information visit 

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NexGen Fuel Injection

Product From Affordable Fuel Injection Inc.

Gen III Drive By Wire (DBW) is AFI’s next generation of fuel injection systems for the Ford 300 engine. Gen III incorporates DBW and electronic returnless fuel delivery. Gen III DBW eliminates the mechanical velocity governor, throttle cable and incorporates a single fuel line out of the fuel tank.

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Joystick-controlled borescope

Product From RF System Lab

The 3.9-mm VJ-Advance from RF System Lab is a new video borescope designed for the aviation maintenance community. Featuring an ergonomic pistol grip design and joystick-controlled four-way articulation, the VJ-ADV is perfect for technicians who value superb image quality, portability, and ease of use. Features include on-board image and video capture capability and variable LED illumination. Whether you work on PT6s or GE90s - or anything in between - there is a VJ-ADV model with the correct length and diameter to fit your needs. RF System Lab is so confident in the value and performance of the VJ-Advance video borescope that we offer the industry’s only no-cost, no-obligation, on-site demo program. For more information call (989) 731-5083 or visit

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Products and Services for Commercial Aviation

Product From Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

Material Services

Fleet Services

Flight Services

Information Services

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Air filters

Product From Brackett Aero Filters Inc.
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Beechcraft Control Surfaces and Landing Gear

Product From Preflight Repair Services

Ailerons, flaps, elevators, rudders repaired or exchanged.

Landing gear components repaired or overhauled.


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Aviation oil filters

Product From Hartzell Engine Technologies

Meet Your New Hartzell Oil Filter...
Better Fit, Better Filtration

  • Easier installation with shorter height than leading competitor
  • Exceeds SAE ARP1400B filtration requirements with Next generation synthetic/cellulose blended media
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200F and 201F fuel pumps

Product From Hartzell Engine Technologies
  • Hartzell Engine Driven Positive Displacement Fuel Pump (Lycoming)
  • Romec/Crane (RG9080, RG15980, RG17980, RG9570 Series Overhaul/Exchange)
  • FAA/PMA Replacement Parts
  • Improved wear characteristic
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OEM factory new aircraft alternators

Product From Hartzell Engine Technologies

Hartzell Engine Technologies offers new and factory overhauled aircraft alternators. As the OEM, and the largest aviation alternator overhaul/repair facility in the world, its aircraft alternators have been powering Lycoming/Continental engines for decades. Its new lightweight, compact, alternators are designed specifically to meet the challenges and increased demands of today's aircraft electrical systems.

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