Portable autoclave

Portable autoclave

Portable autoclave Product Image

The Heatcon RepairClave is a cost-effective, portable autoclave that uses only localized heat and shop air to effect the repair. It is easy to use and the control system is based on the industry preferred HCS9200B hot bonder. Cost effective to operate and a low capital expenditure. For more information visit www.heatcon.com or call (206) 575-1333.

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adhesive tape

Product From Scapa Industrial

Scapa 815 flash breaker tape holds and masks tools, forms, and parts for metal or composite plastic bonding. The product is used where silicone contamination is a concern. It withstands temperatures up to 350 F and is autoclavable. For more information visit www.scapaindustrial.com or call (800) 801-0323. no image

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Heatcon HCS9200B composite repair system

Product From HEATCON Composite Systems

The HCS9200B Dual Zone Hot Bonder is the world's leading choice in the composite repair industry for manufacturers, repair stations, and the military. It features high-contrast, sunlight readable LCD screen, on-screen text-based prompts/help screens, power failure auto recovery, and stores up to 30 cure profiles. For more information visit www.heatcon.com or call (206) 575-1333. no image

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HB-2 Composite Repair System

Product From WichiTech Industries Inc.

WichiTech Industries Inc. offers HB-1 and HB-2 Hot Bond composite repair systems used worldwide by government, commercial, military, and training agencies for composite repair where accurate control of heat is required. It is reliable, portable, and easy to use. For more information visit www.wichitech.com or email steve@wichitech.com.

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Ground Service Provider App

Product From Cygnus Business Media

For more than two decades, Ground Support Worldwide has been the leading publication for the aviation ground support community with an international circulation of 17,000.

And now, we’ve just published our first digital-only magazine, 

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Bench Bender Brake

Product From Aircraft Tool Supply Company

Looking for an easier way to accomplish bending sheet metal? Tired of your homemade bender brake not working? Consider a bench bender brake from Aircraft Tool Supply for an efficient and cost-effective method to getting your jobs done correctly. Aircraft Tool Supply's bench bender brake comes in three bending length sizes (18, 24, and 36 inches). These convenient problem solvers will bend up to .40-inch (18ga) aluminum sheets to any angle up to 135 degrees. Included with the unit are two "C" clamps to hold down your sheet metal. Make bending metal easy with the ATS bench bender. For more information visit 

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Tuff Rug Resilient In High-Traffic Areas

Product From KAFKO International

The new Oil Eater Tuff Rug from Kafko International provides the long-wearing durability needed for high traffic areas, including forklift aisles and walkways in warehouses and manufacturing plants.

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Linear Fluorescent Lighting

Product From Thomas & Betts

The Hazlux line of hazardous location lighting from Thomas & Betts now includes the XFM and DFP Series linear fluorescent fixtures, which both provide installation at various angles. The XFM Series, designed for explosive atmosphere locations, features five different ½-inch NPT hub entries on each end and provides installers with options for various lighting angles. The DFP Industrial Series, designed for hazardous locations in industrial and wet environments (Class I, Div. 2), features optional mounting brackets that enable precise aiming in multiple angles. For more information call (800) 238-5000 or visit

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Rotary Screw Compressors

Product From Kaeser Compressors

The AS series of rotary screw compressors are now available. These units deliver the "built-for-a-lifetime" reliability, simple maintenance, and sustainable energy savings you expect from the Kaeser name and are available in 20, 25, and 30 hp with flows from 64 - 143 cfm and pressures to 217 psig. The AS series features a new airend specifically designed to optimize performance and efficiency. Maintenance accessibility has also been improved. The units' new compact design and two large hinged service doors make it possible to service the unit from one side. For more information visit

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Torque Limiting Screwdriver

Product From Bondhus Corp.

Bondhus "ClickSet" screwdrivers offer an economical solution to the problem of stripped screws and damaged carbide inserts. The screwdriver handles are available in 10 standard pre-set torque levels ranging from 4.4. (.5NM) to 31 inch-pounds (3.5NM). Interchangeable blades covering sizes T5-T15, 1.5 mm to 3 mm and .050 to 1/8 inch allow the tool user to custom match the desired torque limiting level with the tool tip. When the pre-set torque level is reached, the mechanism slips and makes an audible

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Heavy-duty Hose Reel

Product From Hannay Reels Inc.

Hannay Reels 6000 Series manual or power rewind heavy-duty hose reel is designed for aviation applications including portable water transfer, hangar operations, and fire protection. With a durable construction and finish, this series can stand up to any environment. Handling 1/2-inch through 1-inch I.D. hose, the 6000 Series crank rewind reel is supplied with a pinion brake, while a power rewind reel includes a comet brake. Its standard inlet is equipped with a 90-degree ball bearing swivel joint with 1-inch female NPT threads and the standard outlet with 1-inch female NPT threads, which are all constructed from steel. This model accommodates pressures up to 2,000 psi and temperatures from 60 F to +250 F (-51 C to +121 C). 

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