Pocket Welding Guide

Pocket Welding Guide

Pocket Welding Guide Product Image

The Hobart Institue of Welding offers the Pocket Welding Guide in its 30th edition. It features new filler metals, new photos of good and bad welds, preheat temperature for metals, and AISI designation system for carbon and low alloy steels. It includes troubleshooting guides, essentials for good welding, welding symbols, joints, and positions, causes and cures for common welding problems, and more. For more information call (800) 332-9448, ext. 5433, or visit www.welding.org.

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Textbooks and Training Systems

Product From Avotek Information Resources

Textbook Series:

  • AMT - basic series covers introduction to aircraft maintenance, systems, structures and powerplants.
  • Beyond the Basics - advanced series covers structure, turbine engines, electrical installation and corrosion.
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Cockpit posters

Product From Global Jet Services

Global Jet Services offers wall size, high quality cockpit posters for a wide variety of aircraft. Its high quality cockpit posters, printed on strong coated matte paper, using excellent graphics and great detail, provide familiarity with each cockpit along with easy references. These posters are excellent learning and training aids. For more information call (860) 651-6090 or visit www.globaljetservices.com.

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Welding Training Curriculum

Product From Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

Complete training programs including DVDs, Instructor Guides, and Student Workbooks. To see a complete line of curriculum offerings including GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, & FCAW you may shop online at www.welding.org or request a printed training materials catalog.

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Tool catalog

Product From Metabo Corp.

Metabo Corporation offers its 2009/2010 product catalog containing ergonomic 18v, lithium-ion cordless power tools, including drill/drivers, hammer drills, rotary hammers, a circular and reciprocating saw, an impact driver and impact wrench. These lightweight, rugged tools feature longer battery life via advanced cell protection and innovative cooling technologies during charging. The catalog also covers accessories, abrasives, and accessories. It also provides specifications for all of Metabo's drills, screwdrivers, rotary hammers, sanders, nibblers, shears, paint removers, heat guns, grinders, jig saws, chop saws, wall chaser, polisher, and burnisher. For more information visit www.metabo.us/Products.3659.0.html or call (800) 638-2264.

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Machining book

Product From KBC Tools Inc.

KBC Tools introduces "Secrets of 5-axis Machining" by Karlo Apro (from Industrial Press), a 176-page book that explains five-axis machining in laymen's terms. This book presents information gathered from the author's 30 years of hands-on experience in the manufacturing industry. For more information call (800) 521-1740 or visit www.kbctools.com.

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Reel catalog

Product From Hannay Reels Inc.

Hannay Reels offers its updated full-color catalog featuring information on its complete line of aviation hose reels for use in refueling, airport hydrant fueling, grounding, and sensing operations. Hannay aviation hose reels are available in manual or power rewind models and many are also available in aluminum or stainless steel. For more information visit go.hannay.com/PR or call (877) 467-3357.

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Steel cutting book

Product From KBC Tools Inc.

"Cutting Data for Turning of Steel" from KBC Tools is a 250-page book containing machinist recommendations that relate to cutting speeds, feed rates, and depth of cuts. Published by Industrial Press, workpiece materials described in this book are the most commonly used grades of carbon, alloy, stainless, tool, and maraging steels. For more information visit www.kbctools.com or call (800) 322-4292.

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2009 welding catalog

Product From Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s 2009 full-color, 96-page catalog provides specifications on Miller MIG welders, TIG welders, stick welders, plasma cutters, welding generators, welding helmets, and safety gear, including eight new major pieces of equipment. It also provides product selection charts and product information from Miller recommended brands: Bernard, Hobart Brothers, Smith Equipment, Tregaskiss and Weldcraft. For more information visit www.millerwelds.com/service/lit_req.php or call (800) 4-A-MILLER.

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ACI-Lubes Literature

Product From ACI-Lubes

ACI-Lubes offers the "Guide to Military Specifications for Aviation Consumable Materials" book for 2008. This reference book summarizes and cross-references lubricants, sealers, solvents, cleaners, greases, and corrosion preventative compounds in an easy-to-follow format to aid technicians, purchasing personnel, QC personnel, and instructors. It offers information on the composition, intended use, shelf life, and precautions for specified consumable materials. For each specification list, it summarizes those pertinent sections and includes listings of products qualified to each specification. For more information call (800) 676-6696 or send email to jeff@aci-lubes.com.

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Howard Leight 2008 product selection guide

Product From Howard Leight/Sperian Hearing Protection LLC

The Howard Leight 2008 Product Selection Guide, made available by Sperian Hearing Protection, covers its range of earplugs, earmuffs and accessories. The guide contains Hearing Conservation information in addition to technology advances, product specifications and accessories. Included are a Best Practices Guide for setting up an OHSA-approved Hearing Conservation Program, descriptions of hearing loss symptoms, fitting instructions for earplugs and earmuffs, and an extensive product selection guide keyed by industry and exposure level. For more information call (800) 430-5490 or visit www.howardleight.com.

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