Whelen Engineering lighting products

Whelen Engineering lighting products

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Whelen Engineering has solutions for all of your aircraft lighting needs. Their products offer the latest in LED technology, STCs and PMA approvals, and TSO approval. For more information, visit www.whelen.com or call (860) 526-9504.

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Portable Lighting

Product From KH Industries

KH Quad Lights can be daisy chained together for feed thru lighting, or used as a stand-alone portable fluorescent light. This portable, industrial grade light is designed to resist breakage through the use of shatter-resistant polycarbonate tubeshields, an aluminum backbone that provides structural support and rubber end caps that stay intact during drops and falls, and lamp shock absorbers. The bulbs have a laminate coating that contains breakage. Available in 5,200 lumens/68 Watts or 11,800 lumens/128 Watts. Made in the USA and C/US CSA certified, NSN are available. To learn more, visit

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Panel Indicator

Product From Marl USA

Marl has been providing creative, cost effective LED solutions for over 35 years and, by amalgamating its expertise from all fields, can offer a complete package to meet the increasing demand for innovative electronic and solid state lighting products. LED lighting is more than just a replacement for traditional light sources. It more energy efficient, virtually maintenance-free, much longer lasting, and great for meeting your carbon reduction goals. The 8.1 mm mounting, Professional LED Panel Indicator features a high intensity LED element. NVIS Red, Yellow A and B, White, Green A and B are available. Internal circuitry is designed for operation at 3.2v DC. Termination is achieved by standard solder/crimp tags. This particular device is fitted with a low profile, NVIS lens and optical clear encapsulant to provide excellent on/off contrast ratio. Within the lens assembly there is a stainless-steel mesh, grounded to the indicator housing to enhance EMC protection. The precision turned housing is manufactured from aluminium with a high quality, black chrome conductive finish. The panel seal is manufactured from conductive rubber. Benefits include high optical performance, outstanding reliability, damage resistance and sealing specifications in excess of IP67. The indicator is supplied complete with full mounting hardware. For more information call (702) 454-9901 or visit

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LED lighting

Product From Whelen Engineering Co., Inc.

The latest in LED technology, Whelen Engineering's lights are lightweight, have low current draw and are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. For more information call (860) 526-9504 or visit

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Product From Island Aviation Holdings, Inc


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Lighting & Accessories

Product From Aerospace Turbine Rotables Inc.

Aerospace Turbine Rotables offers comprehensive overhaul and repair capabilities in Grimes, S.D.I., and Whelen lighting products and associated power supplies, timers, and strobe lights. It has a full range of Grimes landing lights, retractable, and fixed lights including the Grimes helicopter searchlight. Overhaul capabilities are available on Grimes and Whelen power supplies and Grimes strobes and strobe timers, with many available for exchange. For more information visit www.aerospaceturbinerotables.com or call (866) 359-5287.

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ELR10 and ELR11 reading lights

Product From Emteq Aerospace and Defense Solutions

ELR10 and ELR11 are EMTEQ™s newest high-intensity LED products. These 2-inch diameter lights operate at 28v DC with low current draw. The ELR11 has a lower profile offering greater installation flexibility. They are available in warm and cool white with circuitry to ensure uniform output. For more information visit www.emteq.com or call 262-679-3450.

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Lighting Product Catalog

Product From J.W. Speaker Corporation

A Technology Supplement Catalog from J.W. Speaker Corporation features the latest in highly efficient LEDs, daylight bright HID (Xenon) and rugged Halogen lamps. The catalog includes a broad selection of uses such as forward work lamps, front/rear position lamps, signal lamps, strobes, markers, dome and courtesy lamps. J.W. Speaker Corporation offers more lighting solutions for use in on/off-highway applications for agricultural, material handling, construction, recreational, forestry, mining, lawn and garden and material handling. They offer a wide range of engineered lighting solutions through the innovative use of advanced lighting technology, sophisticated design software and proven manufacturing capabilities.

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Product From K-Air Charters

TTAF: 370 Hrs




  • Base : Jet White Pearl Metallic
  • Trim:  Light Bronze Pearl Metallic






  • 9 Hole Instrument Panel
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Directional Gyro Heading Indicator
  • Turn Coordinator
  • Garmin Course Deviation Indicator
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2004 Citation Bravo for sale

Product From K-Air Charters

Airframe: 3502 Hrs

  • Maintenance tracking done by Cescom valid up to 2014
  • Cessna Technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Universal Avionics technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Jeppesen Airway manuals (Jeppview) MES04 valid up to 2013
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2014 Products Catalog

Product From Wag-Aero Inc.

Wag-Aero is proud to announce the launch of its new Product Catalog. Existing customers will receive a printed copy in the next few weeks. But in the meantime you can view the electronic copy. Follow this

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