SEM Aerospace interior products

SEM Aerospace interior products

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SEM Aerospace products offer high-quality, aerospace-grade coatings and related products for aircraft interiors. SEM™s Sure-Coat waterborne elastomeric coatings for leather, vinyl, and plastics highlight the SEM Aerospace product line. Sure-Coat safely restores aircraft interiors to a new condition at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional maintenance methods. SEM™s Color Coat interior coating, trim paints and primers, Rust-Shield rust inhibitors, Rust Seal rust treatment, and Pro-Tex round out the SEM product portfolio. For more information visit or call (800) 831-1122

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Special Mission Aircraft Operator Seat

Product From Aviation Fabricators/AvFab

AvFab’s observer seat was designed for the comfort and functionality of the operator and is designed for the high use of special mission aircraft. Applicable aircraft include Beechjet 400/T1A and King Air series aircraft, but is adaptable to most other aircraft. The seat is vertically adjustable by operator, has a dual armrest, five-point restraint system, and adds only 23 pounds of weight, depending on upholstery and options.

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Jump seat kits

Product From Aviation Fabricators/AvFab

AvFab’s King Air jump seat kits and divans can be used to add extra passenger capacity and are an economical alternative to the OEM Jump Seats and Divans. The installation kit comes complete with seats, occupant restraint system, attachment feet, oxygen drop down system, overhead lights, overhead vents, installation instructions and STC certificate. For more information visit

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Stretcher kit

Product From Aviation Fabricators/AvFab

AvFab’s stretcher kit provides an operator with the option of transporting an ill or injured patient. Applicable aircraft range from King Airs to Beechjets to Citations. These stretchers are ideal for the operator who doesn’t need critical care medical equipment and is an economical alternative to complete medevac systems. For more information on this or any other product or service offered by AvFab, please visit

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Products and Services for Commercial Aviation

Product From Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

Material Services

Fleet Services

Flight Services

Information Services

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Product From InspecTech Aero Service Inc.

iCabin is an In Flight Entertainment System and Cabin Management System for Corporate Jets.

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Aircraft Protection Kits

Product From Protective Packaging Corp.

Looking to store your aircaft? Give us a call and we will save you hours in installation and hundreds in labor costs. Our aircraft protection kits include everything from cockpit window covers, tire covers, intake/exhaust covers, and desiccant. Let us know the type of aircraft you are looking to protect and we will develop the perfect kit to suit your needs.

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Lonseal aircraft flooring

Product From Lonseal Inc.

For more than 20 years, Lonseal Inc.'s FAA-approved, slip-resistant, fire-retardant flooring has been installed in all kinds of commercial aircraft walkways, washrooms, galleys, and cockpits. Antimicrobial flooring features low VOC, moisture barrier, and ease of cleaning. Flooring is available in 6- and 8-foot-wide goods. For more information visit or call (310) 830-7111.

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Bizjet interiors

Product From BizJet International Sales & Support Inc.

BizJet is passionate about creating custom aircraft interiors that are as unique as the people who own them. Experienced professionals work with you to design interiors around your individual needs. BizJet's attention to detail ensures stunning results and lasting comfort. Whether you desire updated upholstery, a refurbished galley, or a complete interior makeover, BizJet can create exactly what you need. For more information, visit or call (918) 831-7610.

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Product From K-Air Charters

TTAF: 370 Hrs




  • Base : Jet White Pearl Metallic
  • Trim:  Light Bronze Pearl Metallic






  • 9 Hole Instrument Panel
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Directional Gyro Heading Indicator
  • Turn Coordinator
  • Garmin Course Deviation Indicator
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2004 Citation Bravo for sale

Product From K-Air Charters

Airframe: 3502 Hrs

  • Maintenance tracking done by Cescom valid up to 2014
  • Cessna Technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Universal Avionics technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Jeppesen Airway manuals (Jeppview) MES04 valid up to 2013
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