surface seal coating quick application kit

surface seal coating quick application kit

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Aircraft operators can enhance windshield visibility during wet conditions with the application of the rain-repellent coating by PPG Aerospace - Transparencies. The Surface Seal Coating Quick Application Kit by PPG contains all materials needed to treat one glass windshield in a few minutes to provide water shedding for visibility without the need for wipers. With this kit, you clean the glass, wipe the coating on, and fly. Thereā„¢s no primer or heat treatment involved as there is with the original coating method. For more information visit

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Fast Floor Coating System

Product From Rhino Linings Corporation

Rhino FastFloor is a two-component, rapid-curing, polyaspartic coating system designed to protect industrial floors including airplane hangars and high-traffic entryways. An industrial floor or hangar coated with FastFloor is able to return to service within 24 hours. 

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Waterless washing

Product From Aero Cosmetics/Wash Wax ALL

Aero Cosmetics offers the Bug Buster/Mini Mop -- the next generation of the Wash Wax Mop. It is a two-sided scrubber mop specifically designed for waterless washing of aircraft. It is designed for faster, easier scrubbing and waterless washing and doesn't require ladders. It will not scratch and is safe on all surfaces, including glass, paint, gel coat, leather, vinyl, and aluminum. The Bug Buster, also known as the Mini Mop, is the 5-inch wide version of the original 14-inch Wash Wax Mop. The wrap-around chenille microfiber pads on the Mini Mop are designed for delicate surfaces. Replace one side with the re-usable scrubber pad to turn the Mini Mop into the Bug Buster. Use along with the Wash Wax ALL waterless wash products to remove baked-on bugs, carbon, exhaust soot, and black streaks without scratching. It allows you to scrub bugs and tough-to-clean areas with the reach and leverage of an extension pole. Nonpetroleum based waterless wash products are perfect for use where traditional washing is not permitted due to water conservation or EPA restrictions. For more information call (800) 927-4929 or visit

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Pro 4230 ultrasonic unit

Product From Pro Ultrasonics Inc.

The large capacity Pro Ultrasonics Pro 4230, 120-gallon ultrasonic unit is ideal for the aviation and aerospace industries and for aircraft maintenance. This fast-cleaning system with dual filtration will get aircraft parts and components precision clean. These hands-free cleaning systems require no solvents, and use only aerospace-approved ultrasonic chemistries that do a great job breaking down/removing oils, grease, and debris. You will reduce your cleaning time drastically, while eliminating hand labor. Reduce labor costs, eliminate solvent costs, and save money. For more information visit

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Aircraft cleaner

Product From Hi-Lite Solutions Inc.

Aero-Green 4015 concentrated aircraft exterior cleaner is a water based, 100 percent readily biodegradable, eco-friendly aircraft and helicopter cleaner that removals soils from painted and unpainted surfaces better than traditional hazardous solvents. Diluted with water, this user-friendly, nonflammable, nontoxic cleaner, can be applied by brush, foam generator, mop, spray, or sponge, to safely and quickly remove carbonaceous deposits including exhaust residue, oily soot and other oxidized organic fluids associated with jet engine and helicopter operations. Certified to McDonnell Douglas CSD #1, Aero-Green 4015 is a superior cleaner that rinses free without leaving behind a residue or film. It contains no caustics or terpene, so unlike toxic VOC solvents, it will not cause damage to the tarmac or ground contamination from the spent cleaner. For more information visit or

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Biodegradable Degreaser all purpose cleaner

Product From Fuel Eco Systems

Cobra Clean - Degreaser and all purpose cleaner is a Biodegradable, Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic, and Non-Flammable product. Chemical formulation is a trade secret under provisions set forth by 29 CFR 1910.1200 Hazard Communication Standard. NO Toxic fumes to breathe - NO Harsh Chemicals or Acids to worry about - No Hard Work to Clean. In most cases, you simply spray it on, gently work it into grime and rinse with water when you're done. Cobra Clean can be used on several different types of surfaces taking the grime off and leaving the painted or manufactured surface. It will replace almost 90% of all cleaning products that you use in your home and work.

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Hybrid Pro floor cleaner

Product From Brush and Clean

Available in two models, the Pro Hybrid 25 and 45, the new cleaner is designed to effectively clean both hard flooring and carpet and its innovative system utilizes counter-rotating brushes to scrub and actively lift dirt, grime and cleaning compound to instantly produce dry, clean surfaces. The system is offered in two sizes with cleaning capacities of up to 6,000 square feet per hour on carpets and 9,000 square feet per hour of hard floors. The capacities can also be doubled by twinning the machines. For cleaning hard floor, the two counter-rotating brushes provide scrubbing action to lift grime and dirty water which are collected into the renovator attachment. Brushes are available for a variety of floor surfaces. The hard floor cleaning degreasing and cleaning compound is a cost-saving, environmentally-friendly powder that dissolves in cold or hot water at the site of cleaning. For more information visit or call (954) 636-3954.

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Florock Air Hangar Flooring

Product From Florock Air Hangar Flooring by Crawford Laboratories, Inc.

Chemical Resistant Urethane Air Hangar Flooring.

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Product From PolyMax

5000AC is a three coat, 21 mil system that includes a high gloss, light reflective urethane finish that is not affected by direct sunlight (UV stable) and out-performs paint and thin film coatings. The PolyMax 5000AC Hangar Floor Coating System has exceptional adhesion to concrete, which prevents tire lifting; has excellent chemical resistance, thereby eliminating tire staining and damage by Skydrol and other aviation fuels; and is designed to withstand heavy wheeled traffic. In addition, PolyMax 5000AC Floor Coating creates an attractive and durable floor for aviation facilities in hangars, work shops, and storage areas.

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Elgin Crosswind FSX

Product From Elgin Sweeper Company

Elgin Crosswind /Crosswind FSX, which is a regenerative air sweeper with superb pickup at high (FSX) or low speeds. The Crosswind / Crosswind FSX is used for runways, aprons, tarmac, or parking lots.

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HRC - HydroRecyClean System

Product From ECO Cleaning Systems

The HRC - HydroRecyClean System fully integrated, automatic, closed-loop system from ECO Cleaning Systems uses a proprietary six step filtration process to purify recovered water down to one micron, at 5 or 10 gallons a minute. With the HydroRecyClean system, operators can simultaneously clean surfaces while water is recovered and filtered, without the hassles of manualsteps or multiple pieces of equipment. In addition, the HydroRecyClean system captures hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other hazardous chemicals and transforms them into non-leachable substances - the vast majority of which meet EPA guidelines for acceptable disposal in a general landfill. For more information visit or call (419) 797-6624.

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