Klixon circuit breakers

Klixon circuit breakers

Klixon circuit breakers Product Image
Peerless Electronics stocks Klixon Sensata Technologies (formerly Texas Instruments) circuit breakers in depth. Boeing, Airbus, and mil spec breakers are in stock. Peerless is certified to AS9100. The circuit breakers are temperature or nontemperature compensated and feature miniature size/weight and trip-free design. For more information visit www.peerlesselectronics.com or call (516) 594-3500.

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Heat Shrink Tape

Product From Peerless Electronics Inc.

TE Connectivity offers RT-555 high temperature heat shrink tape for commercial aerospace, military, and offshore drilling applications. The bi-layer, side-entry, heat-recoverable sealing product shrinks a predetermined percentage upon the application of heat in excess of 220 C (428 F). Suitable for use in wire harness systems requiring aggressive fluid and high temperature resistance, the two-layer tape is designed to withstand the extremely high temperatures generally associated with aircraft engines. Designed to be installed on mounted harnesses, the shrink tape saves time in disconnecting and testing, and cost. The 3/4- and 1-inch styles are available and in stock in 25-foot rolls from the Peerless Electronics Inc. For more information call (516) 594-3500 or visit

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Product From InspecTech Aero Service Inc.

iCabin is an In Flight Entertainment System and Cabin Management System for Corporate Jets.

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Dual alternator kit

Product From Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems

The Dual Alternator Kit from Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems offers a completely redundant backup electrical system in the event of a primary electrical system failure. No load shedding - full 90 amps capacity for additional equipment. STC certified for Cessna 182S, 182T or T-182T. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com/thermalsystems.

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Power switches

Product From Leach International Corp

Leach International offers three Busbar-mount contactor product lines for commercial and military aerospace applications. The WB, ZB, and HB lines are compact, dust-sealed designs weighing only between 1.25 and 2 pounds and meet Mil-PRF-6106 environmental requirements for mechanical shock, vibration, and temperature fluctuations. The HB series has been engineered with ground fault protection to ensure fast isolation within milliseconds in case of a fault. The WB, ZB, and HB lines feature faster switching to minimize heat dissipation and improve power distribution. For more information visit www.leachintl.com.

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Eaton's Arc-Fault Technology

Product From Eaton

Eaton's arc-fault technology for an aircraft's electrical system provides an overall increased level of protection and safety. It immediately detects and addresses any arcing events that could occur in the interior wiring, minimizing any chance of an electrical problem or fire. For more information visit

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Sealed Circuit Breaker

Product From Eaton

Eaton's sealed circuit breaker provides a integrated seal into the circuit breaker assembly providing increased reliability in harsh environments. It has enhanced moisture and sand/dust sealing. It eliminates the need for separate boot seal and is ideal for harsh environments where sand/dust or moisture are an issue. Form/fit function replacement to exisiting cicruit breaker. For more information visit

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Product From K-Air Charters

TTAF: 370 Hrs




  • Base : Jet White Pearl Metallic
  • Trim:  Light Bronze Pearl Metallic






  • 9 Hole Instrument Panel
  • Artificial Horizon
  • Directional Gyro Heading Indicator
  • Turn Coordinator
  • Garmin Course Deviation Indicator
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2004 Citation Bravo for sale

Product From K-Air Charters

Airframe: 3502 Hrs

  • Maintenance tracking done by Cescom valid up to 2014
  • Cessna Technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Universal Avionics technical publications valid up to 2013
  • Jeppesen Airway manuals (Jeppview) MES04 valid up to 2013
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2014 Products Catalog

Product From Wag-Aero Inc.

Wag-Aero is proud to announce the launch of its new Product Catalog. Existing customers will receive a printed copy in the next few weeks. But in the meantime you can view the electronic copy. Follow this

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Wing-Top Sander

Product From Temple Allen Industries

Working closely with our European launch customer, Temple Allen has developed a pneumatic low-vibration sanding tool for wing-top sanding operations. An advanced prototype, shown here, incorporates ergonomic handles, a dual-inline sanding head, a vibration-absorbing boom, and an optional fluid delivery system. Production systems will offer, like our EMMA systems, an interchangeable selection of end effectors to accommodate different pad sizes and orbits for task-specific requirements; an integrated dust collection system which turns on with the sander and routes particulate to HEPA-rated 3M Clean Sanding Filter Bags. Temple Allen's new Wing-Top Sander is patent pending, and has been CE-certified for the European market. For more information visit

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