Universal Shroud

Universal Shroud

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Clayton‚ĄĘs Universal Shroud fits right angle or straight line grinders making dust control possible for existing tools. It effectively eliminates airborne dust and captures most heavy particles while protecting workers and the environment from airborne hazardous dust, e.g. hexavalent chromium, lead, and cadmium. The edge of the abrasive disc is visible as the shroud swivels freely on the shaft keeping the hose out of the way. Its compact size makes it highly maneuverable and ideal for working in tight areas. Available in 1-, 2- or 3-inch sizes. GSA pricing is available. For more information visit www.jclayton.com or call (800) 248-8650.

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Pressure Sensitive Safety And Sensing Edges

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation
Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures pressure sensitive safety and sensing edges used in many applications and operations for detection and sensing, including the ground support industry, where our products are used on equipment to detect people and objects in thousands of applications.
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Micro-finishing tools

Product From Titan Tool Supply Co.

Titan Tool Supply expands its line of micro-finishing tools including diamond and borazon grinding pins, diamond and borazon grinding and mounted wheels, diamond files (needle, riffle, and miniature), Swiss needle files, rout-a-burs and scrapers, and polishing products. A variety of new product types, sizes and shapes are now offered for a variety of applications. In addition, Titan Tool states that the 50% discount for select in-stock micro-finishing tools on sale in 2010 will be extended throughout 2011 on remaining inventory. For more information visit www.titantoolsupply.com.

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Victory Top Drill M1 modular drill

Product From WIDIA

The WIDIA Victory Top Drill M1 modular drill, part of the WIDIA Victory platform of advanced milling, turning, and holemaking tools, gives users the benefits of modular drilling systems with machining performance and hole quality comparable to solid-carbide tools. Available in a standard diameter range of 8.00 to 20.99 mm (0.3150 to 0.8264 inch), and in length/diameter ratios of 3× and 5×, drill bodies come in either flanged-shank (metric) or round-shank (inch) configurations. They feature solid coupling for consistent performance from insert to insert and easy insert changes on the machine due to a front-clamping mechanism. For more information visit www.widia.com or call (724) 539-5000.

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Clear Revolution grinder shroud

Product From Clayton Associates

The Clear Revolution shroud from Clayton Associates allows techniciancs to grind and sand without exposure to harardous dust. It fits any grinder and connects to any vacuum. It provides dust control, FOD control, excellent visibility, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is available in 2- and 3-foot discs. For more information call (800) 248-8650 or visit www.vacuumsanding.com.

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Grinding center

Product From Huffman Corporation

The Huffman HS-225GC multi-axis grinding center now features a 12-pocket automatic tool changer (ATC). The ATC enables flexible solutions for a wide variety of complex parts requiring multiple wheel packs or multiple machining processes including grinding, milling, drilling, and probing. Options include wheel truing devices and spindle motors. The system is available in 4-, 5-, or 6-axis configurations. It features precision ground, preloaded ball-screws, preloaded linear guide-ways, massively ribbed structural components, and zero backlash geared rotary axes. The grinding spindle has an HSK-100 interface and is available with up to 50 hp (continuous duty) and 4,000 to 8,000 rpm. Other spindle speed ranges are also available. The system has a GE Fanuc 160iM CNC control system, drives, and servo motors. For more information visit www.huffmancorp.com or call (888) HUFFMAN.

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Klassic Tool KF170PD Kraftformer Series fabricating machine

Product From Klassic Tool Crib

The KF170PD is the smallest machine in the Kraftformer Series. Unique to this machine is the fact that the machine can be switched from a single stroke per pedal activation to a continuous stroke mode. This is an ideal, low-cost, power unit for fabrication, correcting, and adjusting. Standard equipment includes the FWA405K shrinker and FWR407K stretcher jaws. Optional jaws available for doming, planishing, and notching. it has a working height of 45 inches and weighs 332 pounds. For more information visit www.klassictoolcrib.com or call (734) 678-6192.

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T1 abrasive wheels

Product From Rex-Cut Products Inc.

A full line of cotton-reinforced T1 abrasive wheels that can last up to three times longer than unitized wheels, depending upon the application, is available from Rex-Cut Products Inc. Lasting up to three times longer than unitized wheels, they provide smooth, chatter-free operation and are constantly revealing fresh abrasives. Designed for use in high-speed die grinders, they can grind, debur, and finish in one-step without changing a part™s geometry. They are offered with either a hard or soft bond in coarse, medium, fine, and very fine grits. Sizes available are 2-, 2 1/2-, and 3-inch diameter by 1/16-, 1/8-, and 1/4-inch thick and a 1/4- or 3/8-inch bore. For more information visit www.rexcut.com or call (800) 225-8182.

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Ground Service Provider App

Product From Cygnus Business Media

For more than two decades, Ground Support Worldwide has been the leading publication for the aviation ground support community with an international circulation of 17,000.

And now, we’ve just published our first digital-only magazine, 

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Bench Bender Brake

Product From Aircraft Tool Supply Company

Looking for an easier way to accomplish bending sheet metal? Tired of your homemade bender brake not working? Consider a bench bender brake from Aircraft Tool Supply for an efficient and cost-effective method to getting your jobs done correctly. Aircraft Tool Supply's bench bender brake comes in three bending length sizes (18, 24, and 36 inches). These convenient problem solvers will bend up to .40-inch (18ga) aluminum sheets to any angle up to 135 degrees. Included with the unit are two "C" clamps to hold down your sheet metal. Make bending metal easy with the ATS bench bender. For more information visit 

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Tuff Rug Resilient In High-Traffic Areas

Product From KAFKO International

The new Oil Eater Tuff Rug from Kafko International provides the long-wearing durability needed for high traffic areas, including forklift aisles and walkways in warehouses and manufacturing plants.

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