ASG avionics engineering

ASG avionics engineering

Avionics Support Group Inc. integrates new avionics systems into pre-existing avionics architectures to add new capabilities or incorporate new FAA mandates. It has STC certifications and is an STC holder of EFB Class II. This FAA-PMA facility does worldwide avionics installations, engineering, and installation kits. For more information, visit or call (786) 544-1183.

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In-flight Communications System

Product From Gogo (Aircell Inc.)

Aircell has unveiled the ST 4300 – a new in-flight communications system for business aircraft. The ST 4300 combines voice, narrowband data and cockpit data link services into a single unit. Available with one, two or three Iridium voice/

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Data transmission cables

Product From W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

W. L. Gore & Associates offers a line of GORE Shielded Twisted Pair Cables, now constructed with uniquely engineered fluoropolymers to significantly reduce weight while maintaining reliable signal integrity for the most demanding environments of civil and military aerospace applications. These cables maintain high-speed communication between avionics transmitters and receivers and meet the performance requirements of ANSI/NEMA WC27500 Standards for Aerospace and Industrial Electrical Cable, type 24. These lighter-weight materials result in smaller cable diameters with a tight bend radius, which ultimately translates to substantially smaller, lighter and higher-density cable bundles for easy routing in confined spaces, making them especially well-suited for mil/aero harness applications. For more information visit

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GPS hangar kit

Product From GPS Source Inc.

GLI-HANGAR moves the GPS signal inside an aircraft hangar, allowing uninterrupted GPS coverage within the hangar. Maintenance of GPS equipment on aircraft can occur at any time. It is a specialized kit that is safe, easy to install, and easy to use. You can save money and time by using the kit inside your hangar. For more information visit

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Aviation products and services

Product From Precision Aviation Group (PAG)

Precision Aviation Group Inc. (PAG) is a leading provider of products and value-added services to the worldwide aerospace and defense industry. With 150,000 square feet of sales/service facilities in the United States and Canada, PAG uses its distinct business units and customer-focused business model to serve aviation customers through two business functions – Aviation Supply Chain and its trademarked Inventory Supported Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul – ISMRO. 

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Compass correction system

Product From Capital Avionics

This stand-alone, portable, magnetic measurement standard replaces the need for a compass rose, master sight compass, surveyor transit devices, and complex specialized equipment.  The current time-consuming, labor intensive, costly process of aligning aircraft heading systems has been replaced by technology that matches the modern cockpit environment.  Developed for the aerospace industry, its benefits apply to marine, military, and other compass calibration needs. For more information call (850) 575-4028 or visit

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Avionics equipment

Product From Universal Avionics

Universal Avionics manufactures avionics equipment including WAAS/EGNOS/SBAS FMS; flat panel displays; synthetic vision; TAWS; application server unit; CVFDR with RIPS; AHRS; UniLink and radio control units. Universal Avionics offers systems designed for the cockpit from the pilot's perspective that exceed emerging communications and navigation requirements. For more information visit

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Heat Shrink Tape

Product From Peerless Electronics Inc.

TE Connectivity offers RT-555 high temperature heat shrink tape for commercial aerospace, military, and offshore drilling applications. The bi-layer, side-entry, heat-recoverable sealing product shrinks a predetermined percentage upon the application of heat in excess of 220 C (428 F). Suitable for use in wire harness systems requiring aggressive fluid and high temperature resistance, the two-layer tape is designed to withstand the extremely high temperatures generally associated with aircraft engines. Designed to be installed on mounted harnesses, the shrink tape saves time in disconnecting and testing, and cost. The 3/4- and 1-inch styles are available and in stock in 25-foot rolls from the Peerless Electronics Inc. For more information call (516) 594-3500 or visit

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Calibration services

Product From Aero Standard Calibration

Aero Standard Calibration calibrates and repairs avionics test equipment. It has more than 30 years of experience in precision measurement services and its personnel have the training and ability to calibrate and repair down to component board level. Some of its capabilities include but, are not limited to: COMM, frequency, analog/digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, mode S, pulse, radar, RF generators, synchro/resolvers, angle postion indicators, VOR/ILS, and fuel quantity. It does not buy, sell, or distribute test equipment. You can find a complete list of capabilities at 

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Filters, hardware, and inspection kits

Product From Global Filtration, Inc. - GlobalOne Fleet Support Products

In conjunction with filters, Global Filtration also offers a complete line of inspection kits that will put the entire required o-rings, gaskets, and packings in your hands at 100-, 300-, and 600-hour inspection intervals. It has the complete line of Boeing inspection kits and air filters as well. It has a full line of helicopter filters as well as analysis services for oil, fuel and hydraulic systems. For more information visit or call (800) 980-2525.

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Product From InspecTech Aero Service Inc.

iCabin is an In Flight Entertainment System and Cabin Management System for Corporate Jets.

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