janitorial outsourcing consulting services

janitorial outsourcing consulting services

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Elliott Partners I, LLC. offers performance-based janitorial outsourcing consulting services for airports and airport-based businesses.


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Disability Access Audit

Product From Direct Access Consultancy

We are leaders in providing disability access audits for mass transport services. Direct Access has surveyed and audited from local community transport services to some of the world’s largest airports.

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Hands-Free Faucets and Toilets

Product From Foster Transformer Company

As facilities managers and building managers strive to meet sustainability goals, they are turning to hands-free electronic faucets and toilets. Foster Transformers are ideal for this application, with the added benefit of being made in the USA for government projects or those with "Buy American" directives, says the company. 

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Free Hanging Model

Product From Airius LLC

The Air Pear is an energy efficient air turbine, designed to continuously move a column of air to the floor. A typical Air Pear installation includes a series of units mounted just below the ceiling, evenly spaced throughout a facility, working in concert to improve comfort and reduce HVAC energy consumption. The Air Pear is available in several models to accommodate ceiling heights from 8 to 100 feet, ranging from the short Model 10 to the largest Model 100.

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Product From PolyMax

5000AC is a three coat, 21 mil system that includes a high gloss, light reflective urethane finish that is not affected by direct sunlight (UV stable) and out-performs paint and thin film coatings. The PolyMax 5000AC Hangar Floor Coating System has exceptional adhesion to concrete, which prevents tire lifting; has excellent chemical resistance, thereby eliminating tire staining and damage by Skydrol and other aviation fuels; and is designed to withstand heavy wheeled traffic. In addition, PolyMax 5000AC Floor Coating creates an attractive and durable floor for aviation facilities in hangars, work shops, and storage areas.

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PFT systems

Product From High-Lites

High-Lites introduces its new PFT Series of universal, fast transfer AC inverter systems. PFT systems were designed to accommodate small to medium sized projects requiring emergency power back-up to AC power loads or illumination sources including incandescent, fluorescent, LED, or HID. Unlike ballast packs, the PFT Series provides highly reliable emergency power sine wave output to any connected load or fixture without compatibility concerns, according to the company. Three unique models are available allowing the PFT to be specified for any small or mid-sized application up to 600 watts.

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Elgin Crosswind FSX

Product From Elgin Sweeper Company

Elgin Crosswind /Crosswind FSX, which is a regenerative air sweeper with superb pickup at high (FSX) or low speeds. The Crosswind / Crosswind FSX is used for runways, aprons, tarmac, or parking lots.

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Stadium Series Waste Containers

Product From Witt Industries

Stadium Series Waste Containers are durable receptacles designed to complement the furnishings of hotels, fitness centers, public and private office lobbies, stadiums, arenas, and public use facilities such as airport terminals. They combine functionality and aesthetics to blend in with the other site furnishings, says the company.

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Bernu Ice Seats

Product From ARCONAS


The essence of the design is Arconas' Award-winning Bernu seating line, a sleek unit featuring aeronautical shapes and an innovative peg construction system by Canadian Industrial Designer, Davide Tonizzo. Typically such seats are upholstered, or finished in epoxy-coated steel or polished aluminum. Bernu Ice features seats and backs made from translucent resin cast in Berman's Valencia texture. Glasslike in appearance, the surface- embossed resin combined with the dynamic, curvilinear metallic shapes of the Bernu structure lend a jewelry-like quality to the overall design.

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Fender seating line

Product From Airport Seating Alliance

waits. Component parts are interchangeable and molded polyurethane cushions offer low cost maintenance.

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Product From Big Ass Fans

With 360 degree angle adjustment capabilities, AirGo is our versatile and mobile 8-ft. HVLS vertical floor fan. Its compact design, durable construction makes it an ideal air movement solution in the toughest of environments.

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