Automatic Aircraft Wheel Washer

Automatic Aircraft Wheel Washer

Proceco specializes in aqueous parts washers. For technical support email

Increase your wheel shop productivity with a PROCECO AWW Aircraft Wheel Washer. A recirculated, hot aqueous cleaning solution is power sprayed on wheel surfaces while a rotating brush scrubs the tire bead seat area to remove rubber deposits. Wheels exit the washer free of carbon, grease, and rubber; ready for inspection. The AWW is designed to clean wheels of any size.

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Parts Cleaning Solution

Product From Walter Surface Technologies

Walter Surface Technologies offers CleanBox Flow, the newest addition to the family of Bio-Circle manual industrial parts washing systems. Suitable for the bulk cleaning of small to medium sized parts, it is specially designed for use with Bio-Circle CB 100, the powerful, natural water-based solvent that is biodegradable and VOC-free. Together, the CleanBox Flow and CB 100 offer a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly replacement to solvents in virtually any type of MRO environment including shops and maintenance departments. For more information visit 

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Aircraft Cleaner/Degreaser

Product From CR Brands

Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser slashes the cleaning time of cargo jets by half. Formulated of 100 percent biodegradable products, it quickly removes the petroleum mist, atmospheric dust and virtually anything else that accumulates on the aircraft's exterior between 100-hour cleanings. In addition to cutting per jet cleaning time, this proven product also replaces other specialty cleaners, thus streamlining inventory. The most popular size for large volume users is a 55-gallon drum, though other sizes include 30-gallon drum, 5-gallon pail, 1-gallon container, trigger-spray bottles and new 275-gallon totes coming soon. For more information call (866) 447-3369 or visit

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Clear Water Rinse System

Product From Riveer Environmental

Riveer Environmental of South Haven, MI, plans to install one of its largest and most sophisticated systems yet in December of this year. Commissioned by Anderson Air Force Base in Guam to support aircraft maintenance, Riveer’s Birdbath Clear Water Rinse System was designed to prevent corrosion which can be caused by residue buildup on aircraft which fly over or near salt water. Any aircraft stationed near salt water must be clear water rinsed at least once every 15 days, according to Air Force regulations; additionally, if one of these aircraft flies then it must be rinsed after the last flight of the day. At a high-traffic base like Anderson, this necessary procedure can take up a lot of already scarce resources and space. This taxi-through carwash-like system sprays a massive amount of water through eight oscillating water cannons positioned in the four corners of a giant concrete pad. It also has a spray bar which spans the entire platform for cleaning undercarriage and underwing. Operated by a touch screen panel from the air traffic control tower, Birdbath adjusts its spray pattern to accommodate different sizes of aircraft and also compensates for wind speed and direction automatically. All of the pumps, drives and tanks that feed the system are housed underground in order to comply with airfield obstruction regulations. For more information visit

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Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Product From Pro Ultrasonics Inc.

Pro Ultrasonics is the leader in ultrasonic cleaning equipment designed for the aerospace industry.  The company’s automatic, solvent-free cleaning systems give you precision-clean parts, minimizes hazardous waste, plus saves you time and money. Improve cleaning operations and go green with the eco-friendly parts cleaning equipment. The equipment comes in a variety of sizes ranging from compact table top models to large custom-designed equipment. For more information visit

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Parts cleaner

Product From Graymills Corporation

Up to 600 psi of heated aqueous cleaning power at your fingertips. The Tempest 20S is a stainless-steel cabinet with a 34-inch wide x 22.5-inch deep x 24-inch high work chamber at an ergonomic height. Neoprene gloves, on/off foot pedal, and adjustable spray nozzle make cleaning parts effective and simple. A 20-gallon roll-out reservoir allows for easy clean-outs and an optional oil skimmer. Hinged door makes loading easy, and lighted cabinet with window blower keeps viewing clear. For more information call (888) 472-9645 or visit

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Parts cleaning system

Product From Dürr Ecoclean GmbH

With its EcoCSteam system, Dürr Ecoclean has developed an eco-friendly cleaning technology that reliably removes both particulate and film-type contamination from parts and surfaces of diverse materials without any use of chemicals. The performance of this innovative steam cleaning method is based on the use of saturated steam plus an airflow accelerated to a high velocity. The EcoCSteam cleaning process is commonly performed in one or two steps. This translates into shorter cleaning cycles compared to conventional methods, and productivity is enhanced as a result. For more information visit 

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Cleaning systems

Product From PDQ Precision Inc.

Go green; save time and material by using only clean water, Arma-Sol rust inhibitor, and if necessary any soap or degreaser for all your parts cleaning. Eliminate waste water disposal as well as solvents; trap residue in the containment drawers on PDQ Precision's waste management cabinets. The patented, portable Mini-Max Cleaning technology is being used on items removed from aircraft engines, greases, sand, oils, fluids, etc., safely and in seconds.

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Cold Pressure Washers

Product From Jenny Products Inc.

Steam Jenny, a product division of Jenny Products Inc., offers four models of direct-drive cold pressure washers. Providing a compact, economical alternative to belt-driven models, all models are designed for maximum durability and portability for use on the most demanding jobsites. The pressure washers are powered by 9- or 13-horsepower Honda GX Series engines, and all models feature a triplex ceramic plunger pump, which provides years of service while requiring little maintenance. The units offer an ideal balance between power and volume. They are available with pressure ratings between 3,000 and 4,000 psi, and flow rates vary between 3 and 4 gpm. Furthermore, a customizable option allows customers to choose a unit with pressure and flow ratings based on their specific needs. For more information visit 

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Spray cabinet parts washers

Product From Proceco Ltd.

PROCECO HD spray cabinet parts washers are designed to automatically clean parts placed on turntable or batches of small parts loaded in baskets. Ideal for engine components, wheels, landing gear, and bearings. Available with turntable diameters from 28’ to 148 inches. For more information visit or call (514) 254-8494.

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Turbine wash equipment

Product From Aviation Management International

The AMI line of ground support equipment includes the the AMI-TW60 and AMI-TW60AT, both units are designed to perform compressor and turbine wheel washes on aircraft turbine engines. The washers offer 0 to 60 psi regulated outlet pressure, an adjustable dial pressure regulator, a pressure indicator, and two 5-gallon fluid reservoirs for a typical configuration of a cleaning solution in one reservoir and fresh water in the other. This configuration allows the user to wash and rinse without changing bottles or fluids. Both models are constructed for durability and quality with bulkhead fittings and hard lines behind the convenient control panel. The AMI-TW60AT turbine washer incorporates a self-contained compressed air tank. This allows the turbine washer to be used away from a shop air source, making the unit very versatile. The operator can simply service the on-board compressed air tank and roll the portable unit from the hanger and out to the flight line, when necessary. Routine compressor and turbine wheel washes will increase an aircraft engine's longevity, reduce overall costs, and make the aircraft more fuel efficient. For more information call (954) 543-0400 or visit

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