DOLL Catering High Loaders X-Cat EcoCat

DOLL Catering High Loaders X-Cat EcoCat

DOLL Catering High Loaders X-Cat EcoCat Product Image

The catering trucks of the X-Cat S EcoCat series are all-rounders of the small kind and complete the DOLL product range at the bottom. The trucks with a payload of 1.5 t are suitable for small regional catering airplanes with a sill height of up to 4,200 mm.d

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'Ecat' Catering Truck

Product From DOLL Fahrzeugbau AG

The ecat is powered by emission-free electric engines whose energy is supplied by high-performance batteries, which can be charged anytime at the ramp. In this way, CO2 emissions are reduced to zero and the energy consumption as well as noise pollution decrease considerably. Furthermore, a more efficient energy carrier and low motor maintenance requirements contribute to lowering operating costs and to increasing the vehicle’s efficiency. The driving innovation is completed by a novel intelligent driving assistance which is characteriszd by warning and safety systems minimizing downtime as well as maintenance costs. The ecat was realized in close cooperation with the DOLL partners Gate Gourmet, a subsidiary of gategourmet, and German E-Cars. 

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Cargo Castors

Product From Colson Europe B.V.

Colson Europe BV produces top quality cargo castors. These are essential components for caster decks and dollies used in cargo centers and airports worldwide.

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Product From Safety Systems & Controls Inc.

For close to 15 years, SSC's Patented Trans-Stop shift inhibitor/interlock has been helping keep GSE up and running.

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Ground Support Equipment

Product From GATE GSE

ASU, ACU, Catering, Conveyor Belt, Passeger Steps, tractors and other GSE

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ALL Ground Support Equipment

Product From Skybus, LLC - Global GSE

Tow Tractors, Tugs, GPU's, Stairs, Belt Loaders, Air Starts, AC Units, Heat Units, Bag Carts, Jacks, Cargo Loaders, K-Loaders, Fork Lifts, Man Lifts, Fuel Tanker Trucks, Scissor Lifts, Tow bars, Lav Carts, Water Carts, Catering Trucks, De Icers, Fire trucks, Cargo Containers, Re Fuelers-De Fuelers, Military Ground Support Equipment. "If We do not have it in stock, We can Get It"!!

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Flight Catering Hi Lift

Product From Nandan GSE Pvt. Ltd.

Nandan manufacturers Hi Lifts for Catering companies who want economical & world class solutions. Standard is 4 ton with FRP panel bodies and four way platform. We can customise every feature and choose the model depending on your exacting need. Chassis, refrigeration unit and transmission of choice

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New & Used Aviation Ground Support Equipment

Product From Omega Aviation Services Inc.

Omega Aviation Service Inc. is located at Hobby Airport in Houston, TX.  Omega has been in business for over 25 years. Omega sells, leases and services/repairs aviation ground support equipment  - new and used such as: Air Start units, Beltloaders, Tow tractors, baggage carts, Pushback Tractors, Generators, Passenger Stairs.

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Pnx-PV120 Provisioning Van

Product From Phoenix Metal Products

Phoenix PV120 Provisioning Van is a self contained vehicle that can service aircraft with a door height from 98" to 108". The van body is fixed with and elevating platform. A parallelogram stair makes a safe transition between the van body and platform. Please visit our website for complete specification."

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Catering/Cabin Service Trucks

Product From Global Ground Support

Catering/Cabin Service Trucks are available in various sizes: 18-foot wide body, 22-foot wide body, 16-foot narrow body and 14-foot narrow body. RJ 1/2 cab service also available.

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CatWeasel Truck

Product From Kamag Transporttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

KAMAG Transporttechnik GmbH offers the CatWeasel truck: '#8729; Special truck developed for quick handling and transportation of swap bodies '#8729; Optional, interchangeable catering body '#8729; Fully insulated design with 60 and 80 mm walls and roof '#8729; Frame, specially designed for high torsion loads is the ideal basis for catering vehicles with their high C.O.G. '#8729; Full hydrostatic drive system without gear shifting '#8729; Certified up to wind speeds of 50 knots

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