Fast Charging Systems

Fast Charging Systems

The ETEC SuperChargeâ„¢ family of universal fast charging equipment provides a cost effective solution for operating electric GSE. Featuring the GSE-200DP Dual Port Universal Fast Charge System and the ETEC Bridge Power Managerâ„¢ which saves costs associated with installation of charging infrastructure by utilizing existing 480Volt 3-Phase/60Hz power at the gates

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GSE Engine Additives

Product From Thermoil Battery De-Mister

ThermOil® Battery De-Mister® and De-Sulfater non-hazardous additives make running and maintaining ground support equipment easier and more cost-effective by decreasing maintenance costs and greatly extending battery life. Guaranteed. Watch the irrefutable proof at

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Battery Charger/Analyzer

Product From Marvel Aero International Inc.

The Christie RF80-M aircraft battery charger/analyzer NSN 6140-01-610-9925 is available from Christie Distribution and Service Center/Marvel Aero. It is the latest evolution of the popular RF80 series which has been the worldwide industry standard for decades. It is the first product of its kind to feature an advanced microcontroller with touch-screen display. The optional ABMS-10X PC Interface provides PC control, data-logging, diagnostics and expanded battery processing capabilities.

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Smarthog Battery

Product From Allen Energy

The Smarthog line offers the industry's first 23" and 31" high, 80- and 120-AH fully sealed, valve regulated lead-acid batteries. 60-, 45- and 28-AH sizes are also available. Clean, safe, and efficient, Smarthog Batteries by EnerSys eliminate the need to remove vent caps, add water, or take hydrometer readings. At the end of the work day, simply connect the battery to your charger.

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Solar Maintenance Chargers

Product From OPTIMA - Military Battery Systems

Solar maintenance chargers are ideal for infrequently used AGE/GSE.

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Programmable battery charger/analyzer

Product From MarathonNorco Aerospace Inc.

MarathonNorco Aerospace Inc. offers its Christie RF80-M programmable battery charger/analyzer. It features advanced micro-controller technology with a programmable touch-screen display, while incorporating the pedigreed RF80-K power circuitry and durablity. The touch-screen is intuitive and easy to use. Battery analysis can be performed by either manual mode or utilizing the programmable features. The RF80-M will store up to 100 battery processing programs. Program functions include: charge, discharge, and wait steps. Audible and visual alerts can also be programmed into it. It has three different charge methods: constant current, constant potential, and the exclusive ReFLEX charge mode for fast charging. The RF80-M accepts 187 to 250 VAC, single phase 50/60Hz input. It is CE certified and marked allowing it to be used worldwide. For more information visit

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High capacity battery for helicopters

Product From Concorde Battery Corporation

Concorde Battery is pleased to announce certification of the higher capacity RG-224 for the Bell LongRanger.   Concorde’s sealed lead acid recombinant gas (RG®), absorbed glass mat (AGM) RG-224 is a 24Ah battery designed for improved performance and longer life in demanding applications. Many users are getting superior performance with the current 17Ah RG-222 however, the RG-224 was developed for customers with higher cyclic applications in mind. RG-224 is FAA TSO C-173 approved and has passed the rigorous requirements of TSO testing. The RG-224 can be installed in Bell LongRanger models using Falcon Crest STC No. SR09069RC. It is a plug-in replacement for the OE Ni-Cd or previously installed RG-222.  No modification to the aircraft is required. Concorde designs and manufactures more than 90 models of original equipment and direct replacement batteries for fixed wing and rotary aircraft and has a reputation for designing application specific solutions. For more information visit

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Auxiliary Power

Product From KBi/Kold-Ban International

Super-capacitor cranking system designed as an auxiliary power source to be installed in parallel with a vehicle's cranking batteries, providing consistent starting power over the service life of the battery.

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GSE Battery

Product From Optima Batteries Inc.

Optima Batteries now offers the Model D27F. The same robust Spiralcell technology used in U.S. Military GSE, is now available in a larger size. 830 CCA for starting stubborn diesel engines. Deep cycle capability to withstand frequent start/stop operations. Safe for air transport. No corrosion or leaking acid. Available commercially or to the military with NSN:6140-01-600-5785. Let us show you how Optima can reduce your overall battery expenses and improve equipment up-time.

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Battery Testing Solution

Product From JFM Engineering Inc.

JFM Engineering has been providing battery testing solutions to the aviation industry for more than 30 years. It provides development and manufacturing of precision test equipment for aviation and industrial batteries. 

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Life Rafts

Product From Corporate Air Parts Inc. & CAPS FlightCrew Training

Eastern Aero Marine, Goodrich, Survival Products, Winslow, Zodiac/Air Cruisers

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