Aviation Fuel Storage Systems

Aviation Fuel Storage Systems

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Brown Minneapolis Tank (BMT) supplies complete aviation fueling systems including pumps, filter/separators, meters and related equipment in gasoline and diesel packages. '#8729; Field erected API 650 tanks '#8729; All styles of shop built aboveground tanks '#8729; Deicing fluid tanks '#8729; Waste oil tanks '#8729; Underground tanks '#8729; Oil-water separators '#8729; Custom applications and pricing

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Aviation Fueling

Product From Hannay Reels Inc.

The strong, heavy-duty design of the Hannay 5000 Series single wrap power rewind reel accommodates the longer lengths of large hose used in aviation fueling.  The narrow, single wrap design provides quick and easy rewinding, wrapping, and guiding of hose that is normally difficult to handle.  The 5000 Series features a chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor. For use with jet fuel, the inlet and hub assembly are constructed of aluminum and/or stainless steel. Options include auxiliary crank rewind and air brake.

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Deicing/Anti-icing Fluid

Product From Cryotech Deicing Technology

Cryotech Polar Guard Advance is an AMS 1428 certified, military approved, propylene glycol based Type IV aircraft deicing/anti-icing fluid. Manufactured in the United States, Polar Guard Advance has the lowest LOUT in the industry at -22.9 F (-30.5 C), with long holdover times in all conditions, and low viscosity for easier handling. 

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Aviation Fluid Containment

Product From Inland Group

Inland’s robust drain block insert offers effective containment of deicing fluid and other liquids. Constructed of stainless steel, the unique drop-down drain design is highly resistant to freezing and clogging. The shallow basin design offers maximum fluid recovery. Optional polypropylene filtration sleeves provide trace hydrocarbon removal for enhanced environmental protection. ­­See complete product description at

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Integrated Fueling System

Product From Cavotec Ground Support System

Cavotec has launched a new fueling element to its innovative 3 Gate, making the 3 Gate one of the most uniquely integrated aircraft servicing systems available anywhere in the world. Cavotec’s 3 Gate

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Mini Hydrant Dispenser

Product From Liquip International | Beta Fluid Systems Division

Liquip GECKO (mini Hydrant Dispenser) is designed for the global market. Gecko has been specifically designed for efficient dispensing of aviation fuel from an underground hydrant system into narrowbody aircraft without the need for additional workstands and platforms. GECKO is fitted with 2 under-wing refueling nozzles which are capable of delivering aviation fuel at a flow rate of up to 1,000 lpm.

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Hydrant System Dispenser

Product From Dr.-Ing. U. Esterer GmbH & Co. Fahrzeugaufbauten und Anlagen KG

The all new β (beta) dispenser by Esterer is engineered for quick turnaround time of aircraft fueling from a hydrant system. While developing the β (beta) dispenser, Esterer focused on the optimization of the overall fueling process, making each step faster, easier and safer. As a result, getting the dispenser ready for operation takes only few minutes.

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Nozzle For Over-wing Refueling

Product From ELAFLEX - Gummi Ehlers GmbH

The new ZVF 50 is a high-flow aviation nozzle for overwing and helicopter refuelling. The nozzle impresses by its improved handling, resulting from light lever action, easy rotation swivel and lowweight ergonomic construction. A full 2-inch flow ensures a low pressure-drop and high flow rate. Also, the design efficiently minimizes pressure shocks. A sensitive flow control allows easy top up. Color coding avoids mix-ups between JET and AVGAS fuels.

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Fuel Tank Maintenance

Product From Rhine Air Inc.

Portable fuel tank ventilation systems and supplied air respiratory protection equipment for all models of aircraft and rotorcraft. Reduces maintenance turn times while creating a safer working environment. NSN-listed. Operates with compressed air or electric power supplies. Can be used at fixed base or forward deployed locations. 30 years of manufacturing experience.

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Refueling Products

Product From PEAR Corporation

PEAR represents the finest products in refueling. We routinely provide custom orders and contracts to the busiest commercial airports, fixed-base operators and refueling services in the U.S. and Mexico. We compete on price, provide quality products and workmanship, and deliver great customer service over the life of the contract.

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Deicing IT

Product From Liquid Automation Systems (LAS-USA)

DeiceTrol™  Wireless deice truck telemetry and pad management system. 

  • Provides service dispatching to trucks and automatic capture of all required service data.
  • Wirelessly consolidates data for reporting and invoicing. 
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