MT-Propeller Welcomes the 60th Factory Approved Service Center Worldwide

MT-Propellers Service Center Network has invested heavily in the last 15 years to give their customers the best after sales support possible. In year 2000 a new customer support program started to improve the service for more than 16000 MT-Propellers flying worldwide. 

Factory training every 2 years will ensure that the best service quality for MT-Propellers is given throughout the world. With 32 factory approved and trained service and sales center in America and Canada the biggest coverage is given in this region. Additionally 28 approved centers are located in Australia, Africa, China, Europe, India, Japan, Malaysia, Russia and New Zealand.

With the latest generation Jet A1 powered Piston Training fleet and already more than 4000 propellers from MT installed on this new innovative engines, MT-Propellers are in use in the most modern Flight Schools for training new Airline and Private Pilots on the latest generation Aircraft.

The best support to keep those flight schools, as well as private and commercial aircraft, operative without down time is only achievable with an excellent service center network.

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