Traxxall Unveils A Breakthrough Solution In Aircraft Maintenance Tracking

Montreal, 20th August 2014 - Traxxall Technologies Inc. announces the worldwide launch of a new aircraft maintenance tracking service for business aviation.

Traxxall’s newly developed, purpose-built system will improve customers’ ability to track maintenance on their aircraft, ensure regulatory compliance and protect aircraft residual values through its intuitive user interface, more reliable system performance and built-in automation features. The system is available for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, covering all segments of business aviation.

Traxxall Technologies Inc. was founded by a group of business aviation professionals who designed the system drawing on decades of industry experience and the recognition of a market need for significant improvements over current solutions. The system offers unique features including:

·         Customizable screens & reports;
·         Automation of previously manual tasks that save time and improve accuracy;
·         A cloud-based architecture that provides unequalled system speed and redundancy;
·         A Holding Area that acts as a convenient digital in-tray where clients control the revisions on their aircraft.

George Tsopeis, President of Traxxall Technologies Inc., said “We let the market shape the system and designed it based on specific feedback from clients on how they wanted to manage their aircraft maintenance. Whether you’re an owner/operator, Director of Maintenance or Continuing Airworthy Maintenance Organization, you can customize the system for your needs and have more control over your operations.”

“The technology is one part of the solution. We know that 24/7 support is vital to our customers too, so we are focused on providing the highest level of service. We’re delighted with the positive reaction that the market is showing to this combination of technology and service.”

About Traxxall Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2014, Traxxall Technologies Inc. is an aircraft maintenance tracking service headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Traxxall’s system delivers a complete solution to the management of aircraft maintenance tracking for business and general aviation. News and further information are available at