In Support of its Award-winning AOG Service, AJW Aviation Achieves AEO Recognition

London, 4th August 2014:  A J Walter Aviation Ltd has been awarded AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs). This accreditation follows several months of exacting preparation, followed by a rigorous six day audit carried out by the HMRC audit team which covered every high level process within the AJW organisation. 

An AEO certified business can be defined as one involved in the international supply chain that has proved itself to be compliant and trustworthy and, where applicable, safe and secure.

Deryck Stokes - Quality, Health & Safety Manager at AJW Aviation was involved with the supervision of this stringent assessment programme:  “Achieving AEO recognition manifests itself in unimpeded fast track procedures through Customs. This supports AJW’s 24/7 AOG (aircraft on ground) processes and further improves customer service. We do whatever we can to ensure our customers’ businesses run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  If we can minimise potential delays by ensuring our supply chain is irreproachable in every respect then we will do whatever it takes to achieve and maintain the highest standards.”