SkyTrac Invests in State-of-the-Art Data Centers to Ensure System Reliability and Data Security

July 29, 2014 – SkyTrac Systems offers un-paralleled data security and storage reliability by investing heavily in advanced data storage, ensuring that client data is fully protected and readily available.

All flight data is stored at SkyTrac’s fully redundant, geographically separated Data Centers in Kelowna and Toronto. This unique data center redundancy ensures that SkyWeb is up and running online 100% of the time, so clients can be confident in the system’s reliability. Each state-of-the-art Data Center features high security access restrictions, environmental controls, UPS systems, generator backups and multiple Tier 1 ISP backbone providers.

SkyTrac automatically stores client data at these custom designed data storage facilities for a minimum of one year (or more if requested) allowing customers to readily review historical data when necessary. These efforts ensure that client data is readily accessible and fully protected, while the risk of any system downtime is mitigated to further ensure system dependability.

“The security of our customers’ data is of critical importance to us, especially given the sensitive nature of some data. Ongoing investment into hi-tech storage facilities ensures client data is secure, reliable and readily available,” commented SkyTrac CEO, Stephen Sorocky.

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