Premiere-Aviation Adds the Cessna 425 and 441 to its Existing STCs

Premiere-Aviation, based in the San Francisco Bay Area had been using Cessna 400 series aircraft for Part 135 business for over 30 years providing corporate and medical users traveling convenience. Using that foundation, Premiere has turned their experience in flying and their aeronautical background from San Jose State University into improving the performance of the twin Cessna fleet by implementing cost-effective Aerodynamic REFINEMENTS. Analyzing over a half dozen ways of improving aerodynamics, airflow, drag reduction, Premiere settled on the best speed gain possible with moderate climb gains; all with the least revision to the original TCDS.

The results are impressive with SINGLE engine climb increase of 25%; twin-engine climb rate increases of 100-350 FPM up to FL250. Cruise increases are more impressive with gains of 6 KTAS at 17,500’, and up to 12 KTAS at FL250. “We had customers buy the kit, put it on, have lunch and then go to FL250 to see what it did”, says engineer and founder Peter Danto. The increase in TAS were amazing at altitude with true airspeed going from 216 KTAS to 228KTAS in a winglet equipped 421C.

Maintaining quality design and ease of INSTALLATION, Premiere’s kits are a first class product with an initial cost of $2000. Since the introduction one and a half years ago, Premiere has LOWERED the price as their invention gains popularity.

The introduction of Series II and Series III Speed Covers will enable users to easily SERVICE TIRES without removing the covers, give the original customers a way of getting a better product AND be able to turn-in their Series I covers for credit towards the newer designs. In conjunction with this new program, buyers will be able to acquire REMANUFACTURED Speed Covers as low as $1000 in the near future.

Premiere is adding the Cessna 425 and 441 as we speak. In addition, the Citation series (500- 750 Series) has already been tested to see if compliance with temperature concerns from the FAA can be met. A new patented brake cooling impeller design is unique to Premiere’s design and will prove that improving aerodynamics does not mean that brake and wheel life concerns need to be compromised.

As if that was not enough, Danto indicated that there are 4 more Speed Mods” in the hangar waiting their turn at increasing performance and efficiency of the Cessna line.

For more information, contact Premiere-Aviation at (925) 788-9010; website “Fuel is not going down in price and we need to look at alternative to keeping our aircraft efficient and in tune with our environment in a cost effective manner,” says Danto.