The New Thales Helicopter Training Centre Receives EASA Qualification and Starts Operations

On the occasion of the Farnborough Air Show, Thales announces that the Thales Training Academy has received its final EASA FSTD1 Operator
qualification by the French Aviation Safety Agency (DGAC), and is now operational to deliver training for civil helicopter operators.

The academy is the first European training centre to operate the AS350 Full Flight Simulator.

Located at the heart of the French Alps, in Albertville, the academy features a state-of-the-art, high-fidelity Reality H simulator, designed to
increase flight safety and mission proficiency at an affordable cost.

Reality H is the most advanced full flight simulator on the market and holds a dual qualification from the EASA2. It is highly flexible and offers the best training capabilities for mission readiness. Using the latest technology to accurately reproduce mountainous terrains, extreme environmental conditions and emergency situations in urban areas.

The academy offers a variety of tailored, synthetic training solutions, including type rating (initial, recurrent), night flight, emergency procedures and on-demand mission training packages for specific mission practice, such as emergency medical services and aerial work.

Moreover the academy aims to optimise mission performance by training pilots on how to face emergency situations such as autorotation, entry into vortex and harsh weather conditions, all of which are critical situations in a real helicopter.

Designed with and for the helicopters operators, the training solutions available at the Thales Training Academy in Albertville aim to improve flight safety while optimising training costs for all the operators. The academy has a focus on Europe and surrounding regions.