Free iPhone App Supports FOD*BOSS Sweepers

Australian-based Aerosweep PTY LTD, manufacturers of FOD*BOSS, the airfield foreign object and debris sweeper, has launched a new complimentary iPhone App to support the use of its FOD*BOSS Sweeper equipment. Aimed at increasing efficiency of FOD (Foreign Object Debris) collection the new FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker App also supports the upgraded next generation Phase 3 FOD*BOSS sweeper which was introduced earlier in 2014.

Operations personnel can now, for the first time, track their entire FOD sweeping program by logging on to an online database which, using GPS technology, tracks and logs its user’s sweeping operations. The App calculates the distance swept and areas covered by the FOD*BOSS sweeper; it then records this information together with the weight of debris collected by the operator, enabling comparison of one sweep to the next. In addition the user can watch a FOD sweep live via the App so enabling them to compare and monitor FOD Sweeps to ensure all areas of the airfield are covered.

“FOD doesn’t just damage engines and injure personnel, it also damages tires, both on aircraft and ground support vehicles” said Aerosweep Manager Brook Tozer. “We wanted to develop a precision sweeper to prevent Foreign Object Damage to highly vulnerable jet engines, aircraft and vehicles. We anticipate that the supporting iPhone App will become an essential tool for an airport’s FOD management system.”

The United States FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Advisory Circular 2010 for Airports states that FOD Management, comprehensive data collection analysis and reporting is a critical component of FOD Management Program. “The newly created FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker App will also assist airports with key documentation and reporting tasks. We are continually looking at developing its capabilities and with the new iPhone App operations teams can save time and eradicate as much FOD as possible from an airfield, so ensuring maximum safety.”

Jon Harper Business Development Manager for Cambridge Airport and Franchise Manager for the FOD*BOSS product for the last six years in the UK and Ireland says, “ This innovative App will really add value to the sweeping strategy of an airport as keeping the apron, runway, and tarmac areas clear is crucial for safe airport operations. The new App provides a cost effective way of improving efficiency and monitoring. It will certainly be welcomed by existing and new clients.” The importance of the FOD*BOSS sweeping equipment is exemplified by the fact that over 60% of the UK civil airports use the  product and Harper states that year on year growth is increasing at a rate of 10% annually.

The new FOD*BOSS Sweep Tracker App for iPhones is available to download free from by typing in fodboss to the search function.

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The FOD*BOSS has been in operation at airports and air force bases globally for the past 17 years and is the only sweeper designed exclusively for collecting FOD (Foreign Object Debris). The FOD*BOSS is unique in that it has no moving parts, is maintenance free, environmentally clean and quiet. It has the capability to sweep fast at speeds up to 30 mph, and has an unprecedented maximum sweep width of up to 21ft (6.4m)

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