Hydroswing Doors

Introducing Hydroswing® Hangar Door Leasing

Del Mar, California (June 18, 2014) --   A door is no longer a door. Thanks to Hydroswing® Leasing, any hydraulic door we manufacture can be considered a piece of working capital equipment. Approximately 30% of the world’s aircraft are leased, and that number continues to increase. Now, new and retrofitted hydraulic doors can be a part of this ever growing opportunity.

Hangar and equipment expense typically represents a major cost in aviation so Hydroswing® has created a way for hangar owners to obtain the door they need at a price they can afford. With this new leasing program, for only $49.99 per week and zero down, Hydroswing® will deliver your door.  

“We wanted to come up with a way that aircraft and hangar owners could easily build out a new structure or change out their obsolete door system and enjoy the efficiency and advanced technology of a Hydroswing® door,” say Marshal Parker, owner and founder of Hydroswing®. “We realized that leasing was the answer. This will change everything for owners who want to conserve cash, get an immediate write-off of dollars spent on the door and have the opportunity to eliminate or minimize shipping and install costs." 

Hydroswing® Leasing is a game changer for the aviation industry. Hydroswing® has over 7,000 doors in use and is being manufactured in ISO 9001 approved global manufacturing plants worldwide. Hydraulics are the most effective door choice. The advantages: Less than 70% of the moving parts of the bifold door and 50% less moving parts than sectional, bottom rolling, or top hung doors with 95% less maintenance costs. The Hydroswing® easily retro fits to replace the bi-fold, bottom rolling, top hung, sectional or fabric doors, and is ideal for new builds, steel, post and frame or block structure. Now everything is possible with a Hydroswing® door.

For more information about Hydrowswing Leasing please visit www.hydroswingleasing.com or www.hydroswing.com