Superior Air Parts and Brazil's SENAI Aviation Training Institute Celebrate Inaugural International Aviation Symposium

Coppell, TX, June 18, 2014 — Representatives of Superior Air Parts, Inc., along with dignitaries from the Industries Federation System of Santa Catarina State (FIESC), the National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI), and the Santa Catarina State Government are celebrating the successful conclusion of the inaugural International Aviation Symposium held at the new SENAI Santa Catarina (SENAIsc) aviation training institution located in Brazil’s Santa Catarina State. 

Ms. Ana Fontes, Superior’s factory representative for Brazil said, “We are so very proud and honored to be invited to take part in this exceptional event. The SENAIsc aviation training institute is a marvelous facility and in a very short time has already established itself as a leader in the training of Brazil’s next-generation of aviation professionals.”

Dennis Henson, Superior’s Director of Production was a keynote speaker for the symposium and gave a presentation on the History of Aviation Fuels from the Wright Brothers to Today.

“We have made great strides in reducing the amounts of lead in the atmosphere from aviation fuels. Since the 1970’s we have cut the overall tonnage by 90%. But we need to do more,” Henson said. “Brazil is currently doing a lot innovative research on alternative, plant-based fuels. I was told their entire fleet of agricultural aircraft now runs on alcohol-based fuels. That’s quite an accomplishment.”

“Superior is looking very hard at ways to introduce alternative fuels for both our experimental XP-Engines and our FAA certified Vantage Engines,” he added. “I came away from the meetings in Brazil with a good number of ideas.”

In addition to his presentation, Henson also lead a training class for SENAIsc instructors and students on the proper procedures for assembling a horizontally-opposed piston engine.

“Superior donated an XP-360 Engine kit to the school and I was there to demonstrate the proper way to unpack the components and assemble a new engine,” Henson said. “Since it was their first time building a new engine, we took extra time to give everyone a chance to get their hands on each part. 

“I think I enjoyed the experience even more than the instructors and students,” he said. “Doing this every day, it’s easy to lose sight of just how exciting and wonderful all of aviation is. It was very gratifying to see the pride that these young people took in every step of the engine’s assembly.”

“The institute is currently building its own engine test cell. I’m really looking forward to going back when it’s done to be there when they run their XP-Engine for the first time,” Henson said. “Seeing their excitement when that engine fires for the first time will be a lot of fun.” 

About the Santa Catarina National Service for Industrial Learning Center (SENAIsc)

With a modern structure and course materials aligned with the FAA, SENAIsc institute is a state point of reference in the field of aviation and offers aviation technical courses and pilot training programs focused on meeting the qualification needs for the aviation companies located in the region of Santa Catarina. The SENAIsc institute occupies an area of more than 5,100 thousand square meters (55,000 square feet). It currently offers three courses: aircraft maintenance, avionics, and powerplants. Other courses in the area can be carried out on the unit as a private pilot, commercial pilot/helicopter/airplane, helicopter commercial pilot, airline pilot-Helicopter, airline pilot-airplane, Multi-engine IFR Simulator airplane, multi-engine IFR simulator helicopter, international air traffic, technical English for mechanics, technical English for pilots, Commissioner, Operational Flight Dispatcher. 

About Superior Air Parts, Inc.

Superior Air Parts, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Superior Aviation Beijing, is a leading manufacturer of FAA approved aftermarket replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. In addition, the company manufactures the FAA certified Vantage Engine and the XP-Series Engine family for experimental and sport aircraft builders. For more information, visit: