C&L Acquires Ontic Houston's TKS Program, Expands Hawker Capabilities

(Bangor, Maine, USA)  C&L recently acquired Ontic Houston’s TKS program, expanding its Hawker offerings for repair and support services. The acquisition includes all of Ontic’s TKS inventory and gives C&L over 200 TKS panels available on flat rate exchange.

This reduction in Ontic’s capabilities places C&L as the largest Hawker structural repair and overhaul facility currently in operation.

C&L’s capabilities include repair and overhaul of Hawker ailerons and tabs, flaps, elevators and elevator tabs, main gear doors and fairings, main entry doors, door stays and TKS panels. C&L’s deeper level capabilities and advanced processes on these items, such as spin dimpling, the only Hawker-approved process for replacement skin fabrication, means Hawker operators and MROs can expect OE-quality repairs from the Bangor, Maine, facility.

C&L has a large pool of these structural items available to operators for time-critical requirements.

For more information about C&L’s Hawker program, please visit the Hawker page of the C&L website.

ABOUT C&L AEROSPACE: C&L Aerospace is an industry leader in servicing, maintaining, and supporting carriers in the regional aviation industry. For the last two years, C&L has applied that experience and expertise to corporate aircraft, specifically the Hawker 800 series. C&L Aerospace is headquartered in Bangor, Maine, with international offices in Australia and Europe. For more, visit www.cla.aero.