GTA Aviation

GTA Aviation To Take Over Production Of Corvus Energy's GSE Retrofit Kits

Richmond, B.C. June 11, 2014 — Corvus Energy and GTA Aviation, a highly respected North American GSE distributor and OEM warranty approved service company, announced today that GTA will now be manufacturing the Retrofit Kits under license for the North American market.  GTA has been Corvus’ distributor for Corvus Energy’s cutting-edge lithium GSE products since January 2012. Corvus will continue to produce the lithium batteries, purpose-built for GSE applications.

“GTA Aviation has been a highly respected leader in the GSE distribution industry for more than 12 years. The company’s strengths are its operations within numerous ground handling markets. This makes them the ideal company to grow the GSE business,” said Sean Puchalski, VP Business Development at Corvus Energy. “Their technical capabilities, multiple North American locations and familiarity with the product allow GTA to be a natural fit for taking on production of the kits.  Corvus will now focus on its core strengths; battery innovation and cost reduction.”

Corvus Energy’s GSE offerings utilize a robust and highly advanced lithium polymer battery system. The rugged Corvus solution will allow a lithium powered GSE to run full shift operations on a single charge, or offer rapid opportunity charging as required and can be charged from traditional airport GSE charging infrastructure or EV standard SAE J1772 charging systems. Due to the fast charge characteristics, working units can be topped up during a lunch break; they are capable of being charged from empty to full charge in as fast as 1/2 hour. The longest lasting battery available, the Corvus unit comes with an 8 Year warranty and requires no maintenance during this time.

“We’re proud to take over the production of these innovative products and we have increased our staff and operations to be able to make the transition smoothly.  Our customers now demand products that reduce their environmental footprint, but they must make sense economically, first and foremost,” said Mario D’Urso, President of GTA. “This leading edge electric GSE product line offers a financially compelling way for our customers to go green.”