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Shell Aviation Celebrates a Decade of Collaboration with Rotax

5 June 2014: Global producer of fuels and lubricants Shell Aviation and leading manufacturer of ultralight and light sport aircraft engines BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.) are celebrating over a decade of collaboration as the BRP prepares to mark the 25th anniversary of its renowned Rotax 912 engine family. The product has dominated the light sport and ultralight aircraft industry in the last two decades and is currently using AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 (ASO Sport Plus 4), Shell’s latest aviation oil for light sport four stroke engines, as its factory fill.

To mark the anniversary of the Rotax engine family, BRP has organised the Rotax Fly-In, a celebratory event which takes place from 5 to 7 June 2014 at Weisse Moewe Wels Flying Club, Wels, in Upper Austria. The event brings together customers, personnel and suppliers and offers an opportunity to visit the BRP-Powertrain factory in nearby Gunskirchen. Guests can see where Rotax engines are produced, meet with the engineers and participate in a variety of training sessions run by experienced service partners. Shell Aviation is pleased to be able to mark the occasion by making a presentation about the long-term collaboration between the two companies.

A strong and shared heritage of innovation

The relationship between Shell Aviation and BRP started in 2003 Shell worked with Rotax to create specially formulated oils for light sport aero engines. Shell developed a set of experimental oils which BRP then tested in the Rotax engine to fulfil the customer’s requirements.

The result of this co-engineering process was ASO Sport Plus 4, a new Shell lubricant specifically created for light sport aero engines which was included in the wider Shell Aviation portfolio and made available to other customers. A true success born out of technological collaboration. Co-engineering allows Shell Aviation and BRP to make use of each other’s lab and field facilities, personnel and research, ensuring that the products meet the most stringent industry criteria and combine the best of cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Mark Wakem, Project Leader, Motorsport and Aviation Piston Engine Oil Development, who has been leading the project from the very beginning, said: “By collaborating with BRP, Shell Aviation developed an oil specifically for light sport and ultralight aircraft 4-stroke engines using innovative technology. We are proud to have created a successful technical cooperation with BRP and their Rotax aircraft engines and we will continue to work together on future oil and hardware developments.”

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