NAASCO Announces Another "First" in the Repair, Overhaul and Modification of the APC/Skurka Starter Generators

Adding to the “Patented” Mercury Mod starter generator improvement programs, comes the Mercury Mod Phase II” incorporating a proprietary high flow fan allowing for even greater cooling than the original Mercury Mod. This innovation has been years in the making and came through a rigorous testing program designed by the Sikorsky Aircraft engineering department with flying colors (pun intended).

This innovative fan (introduced in January, 2006), coupled with NAASCO’s original Mercury Mod, allows for a twenty percent reduction in operating temperatures extending brush life and reducing wear and tear on the armature and stator.

The original Mercury Mod, first introduced in 1999, has revolutionized the aviation industries expectations for starter generator reliability with the first ever 1000 hour brush life guarantee for the 150 amp APC units. Since then, NAASCO has modified thousands of starter generators from 150 amps on up to 400 amps, accumulating well over one million flight hours.

Follow the link for more on the Mercury Mod Phase II.