Ipsen Inc.

Ipsen Supports Growth Across the Globe

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Over the last few months, Ipsen has shipped more than 15 vacuum furnaces to customers around the world for use in a diverse range of applications and industries. Of these recent shipments, several were sent to international customers in Singapore, Japan, China, Hungary, Vietnam and Russia; the remaining furnaces were delivered to sites within the U.S., covering a range of six different states. This selection of vacuum furnaces was designated for use in the Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Commercial Heat Treating and Surface Engineering industries, to name a few.

This continues Ipsen’s long-standing tradition of supporting global growth by engineering thermal processing systems that sustain complex recipes and produce components necessary for the technology seen in the world around us – from simple tools to giant wind turbine gears. The equipment models shipped out included horizontal MetalMaster® furnaces, TITAN® furnaces, horizontal and vertical TurboTreater® furnaces and TITAN® DS furnaces. These shipments represent a global customer base, as well as Ipsen’s ability to provide sophisticated and intuitive heat-treating solutions through an all-inclusive product line that supports various applications and processes – including sintering and debinding, vacuum carburizing, tempering, brazing and nitriding.

To best support such diverse needs around the world, Ipsen delivers custom-built solutions that allow customers to tailor features to their exact specifications. These features include: horizontal or vertical configurations, manual or automatic loading systems, custom load size/configurations, high pressure gas quenching and/or control systems to support any applicable industry requirements. Customers can also take advantage of Ipsen’s Global Support Team; they facilitate on-site installation, expert training and start-up assistance from the moment of delivery through the entire life span of your equipment.

In addition, Ipsen also offers customers the opportunity to either send employees to an Ipsen U training or schedule one at their facility, during which they can ask questions about specific equipment and processes, as well as receive hands-on instruction. Contact your Ipsen representative today to discuss your needs at www.IpsenUSA.com/map.