US-based Trans States Holdings opts for IOCC Platform from Lufthansa Systems

Kelsterbach, May 14, 2014 – Lufthansa Systems today announced that US-based Trans States Holdings has opted for its Integrated Operations Control Center (IOCC) Platform. This will enable the holding company to optimize its airlines’ operations while achieving significant cost savings at the same time. The IOCC Platform is the first integrated, modular IT platform for monitoring and controlling all of an airline’s operating processes across departmental boundaries.

Trans States Holdings owns and operates three regional airlines – GoJet, Compass Airlines and Trans States Airlines – with a regional jet fleet of 120 short- and medium-haul aircraft. The three airlines provide domestic feeder flights for Delta Air Lines, US Airways and United.

Terry Basham, COO of GoJet and Vice President Operations for the holding company, said, “Our regional flights are particularly reliant on efficient operations control. Since the airlines of Trans States Holdings operate feeder flights for well-known partners, strict adherence to schedules is critical to our business. And as we also serve many smaller airports lacking a big infrastructure, reliable operations control is fundamentally important to us. The IOCC Platform from Lufthansa Systems is a customized IT solution that has been tailored to our specifications right down to the smallest detail.”

The 10-year contract covers the use of the IOCC Platform with the Lido/Flight, NetLine/OPS++ and NetLine/Crew components. Trans States Holdings’ airlines will be the first American passenger airlines to use these IOCC components. Lufthansa Systems will operate the system in its data centers as an Application Service Providing (ASP) model.

Stefan Auerbach, Executive Vice President Airline Solutions at Lufthansa Systems, said,  “We are delighted that Trans States Holdings is the first group of American passenger airlines to have opted for the IOCC Platform. Our concept of modular components that can be added as needed has proven itself once again. With the IOCC, Trans States Holdings will be able to expand its market leadership in the US and maximize its revenues.”

Lido/Flight is a leading IT solution for flight path planning. It enables airlines to optimize their route planning in terms of flying time, costs and fuel consumption. By choosing the ideal routes, Trans States Holding can lower fuel consumption by up to five percent. Especially in case of disruptions due to bad weather or congested airspace, Lido/Flight quickly enables dispatchers to get an overview of the entire situation.

The NetLine/Ops++ component is a powerful system that monitors daily flight activities, automatically identifies and analyzes schedule deviations and gives controllers enough time to make adjustments. The software keeps the costs for the holding company’s airlines and the effects on passengers associated with these disruptions as low as possible by minimizing the number of positioning flights or hotel stays, for example.

NetLine/Crew will support the company in all phases of crew management, from crew pairing and rostering to evaluations, taking into account economic, legal and wage agreement requirements. Lufthansa Systems will provide the airlines of Trans States Holdings with enhanced components developed especially for the American market, including new Open Time Management and Trip Trading modules. These make flight planning and crew rostering processes much simpler, more efficient and more convenient for flight crews. The new components are fully integrated into NetLine/Crew and enable immediate data transmission and communication. The NetLine/Crew system meets the latest requirements of the American aviation authority, Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 117.

About Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems provides consulting and IT services for selected industries and has a leading position in the global aviation industry. The wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group offers its customers the entire range of IT-services, including consulting, development and implementation of industry solutions as well as operations. With its head office in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt, the company operates a global data center network. Lufthansa Systems has offices in Germany and 16 other countries and employs about 2,700 people. In business year 2013, Lufthansa Systems recorded revenues of EUR 640 million.

About Trans States Holdings Inc.

Trans States Holdings Inc. is the parent company of three regional airlines, Trans States Airlines, GoJet Airlines and Compass Airlines. With an overall jet fleet of 120 short- and medium-haul aircraft, the airlines of Trans States Holdings operate as Delta Connection, US Airways Express and United Express. The company is headquartered in Bridgeton, Missouri.