A New Titan Engine

Over the past few months we have been busy organizing and hiring for our newest business unit under the Danbury Aerospace Corporation. Titan Aircraft Engines is a totally new company that has taken over all experimental and LSA engine assembly for ECi. Our new focus on the experimental market is a huge shift for our organization and has given us tremendous freedom to bring new products and services to this market without the restrictions of the certified engine market. ECi will continue to provide parts and services for the certified market but will no longer be selling engine kits or completed engines through resellers for the Experimental Market.

Since I arrived in January I have made huge headway building out our new facility and new team. We now have 6 pro engine builders to build, test, and support our customers. I have hired Bart Lalonde, the former owner of Aerosport Power, to help me complete testing of all our engines and bring his vast experience in this market to our shop. I am also hiring Bart's secret weapon, Sue Gregor, who has run Aerosport Power to help me develop service and sales efforts.

While our new autonomy gives us freedom, our relationship with the other four business units of Danbury gives us unmatched access to resources and services that cannot be offered by your typical engine shop. Moreover, we have over 1660 of our engines flying in experiential aircraft around the world. So while our business unit is new, our experience in this marketplace is already far larger than any other company focusing on experimental airframes. We invite you to browse our new website and stay connected with where we are headed; it's going to be exciting!

Kevin Eldredge