CRS Revamps its Rewards Program

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, (May 12, 2014) CRS Jet Spares, a leading business aviation aftermarket parts supplier based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  revamps its reward program.

Rewards programs are created to thank customers and CRS has been saying “Thank You” for over 16 years with a progressive program.  CRS has improved and reconfigured one of the longest running rewards programs in the Business Aviation Community. The most recent changes in the CRS Rewards program provide for increased accessibility and increased option for Rewards Customers.

“The CRS Rewards program was our way of thanking customers for their loyalty,” stated Armando Leighton CRS Founder and CEO.  Over the years the CRS rewards program has been utilized and appreciated by hundreds and hundreds of companies CRS has provided services for. The program has evolved from the days of supplying golf clubs and electronic appliances to allowing rewards customers to choose their own gift cards through the CRS Jet Spares website.

“We wanted to express our gratitude in an easy access organized manner that all would appreciate,” claims Leighton. The CRS Rewards Program offers the option to select gift cards that can be utilized, shared and enjoyed by all CRS customers eligible and enrolled in the CRS Rewards Program. Call today to find out more about point calculations, rewards and enrollment opportunities.

CRS Jet Spares:

CRS Jet Spares is the premier aftermarket support facility in the business jet community.  We supply total solutions to operators around the world through exchanges, sales, provisioning packages, repairs or rental options. CRS Jet Spares has a program to meet all requirements.  We support Learjets, Hawkers, Gulfstreams, Beechjets, Falcons and Challengers, Astra, Global Express through a comprehensive inventory, coupled with over 30 years of experience.  CRS provides services which conform to AS9120 Quality standards, offering quality, competitive pricing and renowned customer service. CRS is available 24/7 to keep your business jet up and flying. 

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