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Universal Avionics Builds In-House Sales Support Team for Airline Customers

TUCSON, AZ – Universal Avionics is pleased to announce that Airline and Government sales operations are now placed under its corporate structure. Previously, the company had a distributary relationship with Alliance Marketing Partner, DAC International, for Airline and Government customers.

“Bringing Airline and Government sales in-house for these customers and integrators provides an opportunity for improved communication and service to the customer base by leveraging the company’s existing processes,” says Scott Campbell, Director of Airline and Government Sales for Universal Avionics. Sales operations for the Business Aviation market have been under the company’s Corporate structure for over 33 years.

For customers, the new structure promotes an environment of confidence and streamlined communications during up-front discussions in providing the opportunity for decision makers to interface directly and with Universal Avionics’ on-staff engineering and sales resources, much like our Authorized Dealers do in the business aviation market.

“This change marks an important and exciting transition for Universal; one that enables the company to interface directly with its Airline and Government customers,” says Universal Avionics CEO Paul DeHerrera. “I believe the decision to bring this in-house will enable us to provide a consistent and united worldwide representation across all our business markets, and I’m confident that our customers and integrators will benefit from interfacing directly with our company’s sales representatives.”

The new Universal Avionics Airline and Government sales team consists of:

  •  Mr. Bob Sanchez as Program Development Manager, Military and Government (worldwide)
  •  Mr. Robert Kline as Airline Sales Manager for the US and Latin American sales region
  •  Mr. Ross Dickey as Airline and Government Sales Manager for Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East

For more information, visit: www.uasc.com/sales/airlines.aspx.

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