JetSeat, LLC Offers Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs for 145 Repair Station Worldwide

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Addison, Texas – JetSeat, LLC is pleased to announce today it is offering Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs for 145 Repair Stations worldwide.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires Part(s) 91, 135 and 145 operators to implement and administer Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. Requirements include:
? Written policy
? Drug and alcohol testing
? Supervisor and employee training and for all safety-sensitive positions
? Continuing drug and alcohol abuse prevention program

In addition, the FAA currently has an Advanced Notice of Rulemaking to extend drug and alcohol testing program requirements to Part 145 operators providing maintenance outside the U.S. to Part 121 carriers.

JetSeat offers the following services for drug and alcohol testing programs which include:
• Drug and alcohol testing programs with educational materials
• Guideline manuals for implementation and administration
• Training programs for supervisors and employees with syllabi, tests with answer keys and certificates of training
• Drug and Alcohol Audit Inspection Response with exhibits
• Review of existing drug and testing programs for compliance
• FAA Audit Inspection Response

JetSeat’s drug and alcohol programs include:
• FAA Part 120 mandatory for Part(s) 91, 121, 135 and 145 operators
• UAE General Civil Aviation Administration mandatory CAAP 51
• Voluntary Company Authority programs for operators world-wide based on Part(s) 40 and 120 (which has been reviewed by the FAA Drug Abatement Divisions and their comments have been incorporated)
• Voluntary Company Authority Programs based on International Civil Aviation Organization’s standards and recommendations

U.S. operators should be prepared for an FAA audit inspection of their Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. Audits may be conducted by the FAA at any time with little or no notice. The Drug and Alcohol Testing Program is a viable living document just as General Operations Manuals and Safety Management System Manuals are. JetSeat’s founder and President, Shelley Hedrick, recently successfully responded to a less than 24 hour business day notice by the FAA of a drug and alcohol testing program audit inspection with a written response containing the requested answers and documentation in 14 hours. The 135 operator received zero violations.

Praise for Ms. Hedrick:

“Shelley is worth her weight in gold!” - Owner

“You are a life saver!” – President

“Congratulations on your knowledge, urgency, command and resourcefulness. Well done, m’lady.” William Garvey – Editor-in-Chief – Business & Commercial Aviation

“That was quite a saga. I am glad that it had a happy ending. I do hear quite frequently about audits coming with little or no notice.” - Kent S. Jackson, Attorney at Law – Jackson & Wade

JetSeat also offers technical writing, business development and marketing for business aviation companies.

About JetSeat

JetSeat is a business aviation consulting firm founded by its President, Shelley Hedrick. Ms. Hedrick has over 15 years experience in business aviation. She previously served as the Director of Charter Sales & Owner Services for Executive Flight Services, Director of Charter Sales & Marketing for Million Air Dallas, and Director of Operations & Marketing for Perfect Jet Travel. She began her business aviation career at Bombardier Flexjet where she served as the Manager of Sales.

Ms. Hedrick is a member of National Business Aviation Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association, Women in Aviation and the North Texas Business Aviation Association.

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