PTS Pro Enables Users to Target Unplanned Downtime with Advanced Maintenance Planning

CLEVELAND, Ohio – PTS Pro, the latest addition to the Parker Tracking System (PTS) suite of products, gives
subscribers a proactive tool against unplanned downtime, while maximizing uptime and profitability.

Developed by Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, “The new PTS Pro features
powerful asset tracking and maintenance tools that extend the capabilities of the original PTS application,” said
Technology Manager, Bill Sayavich. “Using PTS Pro’s advanced scheduling tools, our users can plan for and perform
critical service as part of an effective and efficient preventative maintenance strategy.”

From the easy-to-use Asset Management Dashboard, users can schedule inspections and replacements as needed,
easily locate assets when maintenance is required, and record historical inspection details and results. Subscribers can
also transfer visibility of select assets and schedule work by site, type, or asset level.

“PTS Pro enables customers to establish a maintenance schedule based on their individual or corporate requirements,
regulatory standards or actual lifespan data of a particular hose assembly,” Sayavich said. “Our goal was to create tools
to help address product wear before a failure can occur, enabling customers to allocate manpower, stock critical spare
parts, and coordinate other resources days, months, or years in advance. This method has been proven to reduce
downtime and MRO costs.”

Taking a proactive approach to maintenance is crucial to maintaining and even increasing profitability as well as overall
employee safety, Sayavich said. While Parker products are built to withstand tough conditions, any product that hasn’t
been properly inspected or maintained presents an unnecessary risk to people and the environment. PTS Pro helps
alleviate those risks by enabling users to establish a standard cadence of custom inspection and replacement activities,
and confirming completion of those activities.

The PTS system can generate barcode, metal, or RFID tags for any number of products, including those from other
manufacturers. These custom tags can be used to identify part numbers, size, length, components, application data,
and other specific information, enabling fast, easy, and exact replacement of parts. New enhanced functions of PTS Pro
• Material and budgeting for scheduled services 
• Customizable inspection templates
• Asset criticality settings 

• Service scheduling and notification
• Asset transfer and batch maintenance

The PTS suite of products includes PTS Essential, PTS Pro, PTS Pro Reader, and PTS Mobile. For more information
about PTS, call (440) 943-5700, or visit

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