Century Flight Systems Receives STC for Autopilot in Beechcraft Bonanza 35

Mineral Wells, TX – April 24, 2014 – Century Flight Systems, a leading provider of autopilots for general aviation aircraft, and manufacturer of autopilots since 1983, recently announced they have received a Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the installation of their Century 4000 Autopilot in Beechcraft Bonanza 35 aircraft models C to V.

 “Over 7,510 Bonanza 35 C-Vs were produced over the period 1951 to 1982.  Many of these planes are 50-60 years old and are now being upgraded in their avionics suites; the C4000 is an ideal autopilot candidate to add safety and performance-enhancing technology to these magnificent aircraft.  Aircraft owners will find they can confidently switch on their C4000 500’ from take-off and then switch it off at minimums for a safe landing following a stable instrument approach” said Bill Eubanks, Century Flight Systems’ President.

The C4000 uses advanced digital & analog circuitry to process rate AND position data to produce the most accurate and comfortable flight dynamics available in smooth or turbulent air. A Century Flight Systems autopilot in turbulent air does not have to be disengaged.  The C4000 autopilot is safer and more convenient to fly when compared to some other manufacturers’ autopilots on the market.

Standard features includes GPS/VOR/LOC/LOC REV coupling, fully automatic glideslope coupling from above or below, selected angle intercept capability when using an HSI (45 degree intercepts using a DG), altitude hold, voice prompter, attitude hold command, auto-trim or trim prompting.

Pricing for the complete C4000 autopilot kit starts at $19,995.00 plus installation.  The pricing assumes the aircraft has compatible flight instruments already installed. 

Other aircraft already with STCs for the C4000 are the Piper Twin Comanche, Cherokee and Saratoga, and the Cessna Skylane and Golden Eagle.