Raisbeck Engineering Inc.

Keith Anderson Named New VP of Engineering at Raisbeck Engineering

April 24, 2014 — Seattle, Wash. — Raisbeck Engineering has named Keith Anderson Vice President of Engineering. Reporting directly to CEO and Founder, James Raisbeck, Keith will be responsible for overseeing all engineering projects, certifications and FAA engineering interactions. In addition, Keith will maintain his role within product integration, product development and sustaining engineering.

James Raisbeck is confident that Keith’s new position will be an asset to the company structure, saying, “Keith is an early starter every morning, and has been effective in bringing order and sense to our ongoing projects as well as successfully instituting and managing the company’s engineering change-board function.”

Prior to joining Raisbeck Engineering in 2012, Keith was at Quest Aircraft Company where he held various positions including Chief Pilot, Director of Engineering and Director of Customer Service. His time as the head of the Quest engineering department spanned from prior to first flight of the KODIAK 100 prototype, through all aspects of certification to the issuance of the Type Certificate for the KODIAK 100 aircraft, as well as support for the Production Certificate for that company.

Keith’s career in the aviation industry covers more than 33 years and includes design engineering, university classroom instruction, and pilot and mechanic duties. Mr. Anderson is a Commercial rated pilot and flight instructor and an A&P mechanic with Inspection Authorization. As a pilot/mechanic, he flew with humanitarian relief and development agencies in Venezuela, Guatemala and Uganda.

Raisbeck Engineering continues in the tradition of its founder, dedicated to the improvement in performance and productivity of business and commercial aircraft through the infusion of advanced technology into in-service and new production aircraft. For more information about Raisbeck Engineering and our products, please www.raisbeck.com