MOMook Advanced Time Sensitive Document Monitoring

Business and training management software for aviation training centers, MOMook, has added an advanced time sensitive document management feature which has provided a desirable solution for the clients as well as improved the overall system.

Due to the fresh system update and new features that were added to the latest version, companies which use MOMook are now able to easily monitor and manage the copies of all the licenses, certificates, visas and any other documents with expiration dates in the system.  With the release of the latest version, administrators are now able to store and view all the time sensitive documents in one location, set the custom expiration reminders for each document and assign the extension responsibility for the appropriate manager. This document monitoring system which is now a separate module containing all the information, is a part of the Ab Initio and Type Rating modules, will provide managers with the excellent possibilities to be proactive and never run into the problem of the training licenses and certificates expiring.

“Time sensitive material needs exceptional attention because it has a lot of impact on the company’s operations and existence; therefore, once our client raised their concern about it, we were certain that this feature is relevant to all the training centers”, commented Remigijus Stugys, MOMook Project Manager.

MOMook has been launched in October of 2013 and been making significant strides in the development of the comprehensive system ever since. MOMook focuses on everyday aviation training center management and operations problems, and throughout the close collaboration with the seasoned aviation training professionals is able to provide the optimal solutions to the real-life problems.


About MOMook

MOMook – business and training management software for aviation training centers which saves time and money while providing full management, organization and monitoring capabilities for everyday tasks and processes. Think smart – simplify your business.