Tearing Your Airliner Apart?

How do you tear an airliner apart and make use of the components? Kevin McCloud of Channel 4's Grand Design's fame will show you how, Channel 4, 24th April at 9pm. From undercarriage to wing tip the international market for aircraft spares is growing and UK company Sycamore Aviation is at the heart of the aircraft recycling business. Now there is a new and exciting option. Sycamore Aviation has teamed up with Kevin McCloud and 3 top designers. What can we do with parts that might go to landfill or just be melted down? Can we upcycle aircraft components into beautiful and useful new products?

Sycamore Aviation supplied the plane and the technical logistics, Kevin and the designers went to work creating the most amazing things. Watch Kevin’s Supersize Salvage and see what happened.

Brighton-based Michael Wingate is available to answer your questions and bring this success story alive.