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Price Induction Participates for First Time in AMC 2014

For the first time the French turbo fan engine manufacturer Price Induction participated in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) with their WESTT SE-HP which consists of an assembly and disassembly workbench for the DGEN 380’s High Pressure spool. The assembly and disassembly bench included use of standard and special tools, along with work instructions delivered through a virtualized assembly plan based on the software 3DVia®. The Price Induction task challenged maintenance teams to change the thrust bearing N4 on the high pressure shaft. In order to do so, participants had to install the engine on a specially designed fixture and remove the rotor with a RC53 cylinder connected to a hydraulic press. After removing the nozzle, they were able to remove the thrust bearing. The participants had an interactive digital access to the documentation and the instructions on a computer tablet showing the entire procedure and the tools needed to perform the task.

This exciting event included 16 challenges in areas such as avionics, hydraulics, jet engine troubleshooting, cockpit window sealing, and more. The 28 teams from 5 different countries had a time limit to accurately complete each task on time in accordance with provided instructions. 

Christine Lloyd, North American representative for Price Induction says, “It was a mutually beneficial relationship and an honor for Price Induction to participate in this competition with the WESTT SE-HP workstation. The organizer of AMC, John Goglia, aims to expand the competition to an international level while attracting sponsors with new technologies. Price Induction fits the profile of companies that AMC seeks, as it is an international corporation with highly advanced technology.”

Price Induction offers several training solutions based on the new technology incorporated into their DGEN 380 turbo fan engine including the WESTT SE-HP used for the AMC task. Other training solutions are: the WESTT BR Real Engine Test Bench a state-of-the-art teaching and research platform; the WESTT CS/BV Virtual Test Bench a simulation of the DGEN and its FADEC providing a proficient thermodynamic and aerodynamic exploration of the simulated engine as well as the full 3D-visualization; the WESTT SEV where the DGEN 380 can be fully assembled and disassembled.

“The level of competition was very high as each of the 16 different tasks were challenging and requiring different skill sets” said Lloyd.” “We were really impressed by the skill and professionalism of all the students competing” said Jean-Sebastien Mayen, who along with the WESTT SE-HP workstation traveled from France to judge the performances of the teams on the WESTT SE-HP.

About Price Induction

Price Induction Inc. is a subsidiary of Price Induction SA, French SMB based in the Aquitaine region, France, in Anglet (offices) and Tarnos (test bench). Today, the parent company employs around sixty people, more than forty of which are engineers. The company holds another two subsidiaries: one in Berlin, Germany and one in Sao José dos Campos SP, Brazil. Price Induction SA is an investment of the following funds which are managed by ACE Management: AEROFUND, ACE and Financière de Brienne. Price Induction SA is also actively supported by the Aquitaine Region, the FEDER and the OSEO and is a member of Aerospace Valley Global Aerospace Competitiveness cluster. For more information visit or email