Liana Coyne appointed Chief Operating Officer of Coyne Airways

London, UK, Wednesday April 16th 2014 - Coyne Airways has appointed Liana Coyne as Chief Operating Officer (COO) as part of a restructure that sees John Batten, Managing Director, leave the airline.

Liana, who has been a director at Coyne Airways since 2010, will head up five new market-focused divisions, including Iraq, the Caspian and Central Asia, Afghanistan, Africa, and Contract Logistics, each with a dedicated manager.

The new structure underpins Coyne’s focus on customer service and will strengthen the carrier as it pursues new route options using dedicated lift.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank John for his contribution to Coyne Airways and working on this assignment to restructure the company. We wish him well for the future,” said Larry Coyne, CEO.


Coyne Airways is an all-cargo airline based in London, UK, with a separate operation in Dubai, UAE, from where it serves all Gulf destinations with connections from North America, Europe, and Asia via a large network of interline partners. It operates scheduled cargo flights to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the UAE, using Antonov, Boeing, and Ilyshin aircraft, as required.

Launched in 1993, Coyne Airways, provides reliable and secure scheduled cargo services to some of the world’s most difficult to reach destinations, and has pioneered routes into the Caucuses, Central Asia, the oil and gas rich Sakhalin Island, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In 2012, Coyne spread its wings to Africa, working with regional partners to link the Middle East, North America, and Europe with a number of African destinations. Coyne also provides charter services into the areas it serves with scheduled services. Visit Coyne Airways' website