TAP Maintenance and Engineering

TAP M&E Brazil Delivers the First F5 to the FAB, After Performing a Depot Level Inspection

Rio de Janeiro, April 2, 2014.  TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil S.A. (TAP M&E Brazil) received the first F-5EM/FM aircraft from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) at the end of last year, to perform the 600 hours DEPOT Level Inspection. The airplane was delivered to the Aeronautic Park of São Paulo (PAMASP), on March 24, 2014, after performing a test flight.

The F5E (M) aircraft, tail number 4834, is the first of 58 aircrafts to be inspected under a contract valid for five years, signed last October 2013.

The President of TAP M&E Brazil, Eng. Nestor Koch, mentioned the importance of the F-5 Project for the company: “TAP just broken another paradigm! It is the first time, in the Brazilian Air Force history, the DEPOT Level Inspection for supersonic aircraft (fighters) are being successfully performed by a private institution, within the enormous technical capacity of our company, with dedication and efforts of our employees. After making heavy investments in preparing, adapting and capacitating our facilities and Team, we are ready to improve our services to the Brazilian Air Force, not only in this project, which is the first, but in and many others that will come, because we are increasing our capability for serving National Defense. Today, ensuring that we are the biggest MRO in Brazil, with expertise for working on all of the Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, and ATR aircraft models, we can also guarantee that we are the only MRO capable of performing services on supersonic aircraft operating in Latin America.”

Besides the aircraft services, the company has enormous capacity for working on engines, landing gears, and aeronautic components, and we are certified by the Military Authorities, DIRMAB (Air Force), DAERM (Navy), and DMAVEX (Army), and by Civil Aviation agencies like, such as ANAC, FAA, EASA, TCCA, DGAC and others.