LAMA Acts to Support Industry; Urges Comment on FAA Policy

Port Orange, FLORIDA / March 24, 2014 - The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA- is encouraging Light-Sport Aircraft professionals to comment on FAA Draft Policy 8130.2(H). The draft proposal from the agency contains restrictions that will harm the enterprise of industry participants without creating identifiable beneficial results for safety or consumer protection. If not omitted from the policy draft, consumer use of their aircraft may be negatively affected.

FAA is proposing that fully built LSA (SLSA) that are converted to Experimental LSA status (ELSA) be restricted to single place operation only and not be allowed to fly over densely populated areas or at night or to conduct instrument flight rules (IFR) operations. LAMA believes no safety argument can be advanced to support such onerous restrictions.

FAA is further proposing that electric powered aircraft share the above restrictions but would also require electric-powered aircraft to conduct all operations within a specified geographical area. Again, no safety argument has been shown to demand such heavy restriction and the action, if enforced, could sharply curtain development of electric-powered aircraft. The most promising sector of aviation to be early adopters of electric power includes LSA, light kits, and ultralight aircraft.

The attached PDF document - sent to LSA professionals across the country and around the world - provides additional detail on the LAMA view of the FAA Draft policy.

In a previously unrelated action, LAMA has collaborated with the United States Ultralight Association (USUA), a pilot organization, to host a safety conference at Sun 'n Fun 2014. Topics will include the above-referenced FAA policy; Aircraft Definitions: Commercial Operations (of SLSA); Training Issues (including the LOSA process); Pilot Issues; and Maintenance Issues.

A preliminary agenda for the Safety Conference appears at the end of this news release.

"LAMA, in collaboration with USUA, is undertaking actions to support the Light-Sport Aircraft and light kit-built aircraft sectors," stated LAMA president Dan Johnson. "On the eve of its tenth anniversary, the LSA segment has shown tremendous innovation and creativity as more than 130 new aircraft models have emerged in ten years | that is more than one new aircraft every month for ten years running. We believe nothing similar has ever occurred in aviation, worldwide, and we want this sector to thrive so that more persons can get involved with flying and so more pilots can afford to continue flying."


LAMA, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, is the light aviation industry's trade association. Founded in 1984, LAMA represents members of the Light-Sport Aircraft and light kit aircraft business community including airframe manufacturers; producers of engines, avionics, and components; suppliers, distributors; flight schools; and other aviation businesses.

LAMA Europe provides specific, localized European Union support for the industry.

LAMA operates to disseminate safety advisory information for the industry.