NYCO Aeronautics

Opening Office in Latin America: NYCO Develops its International Presence

NYCO, European manufacturer of high performance specialty lubricants and synthetic esters, will
open a new representative office in Latin America on the occasion of FIDAE International Airshow.
Located in Panama, the office will represent the 3 main businesses of NYCO: Aeronautics, Defense
and Industry & Automotive.

"After Germany, the United-States, Russia and India, we continue our internationalization with this
office in Latin America where we noticed a dynamic growth and a strong interest for our products and
services. It is an important event in the life of our company which shows our will to better meet our
clients’ requirements as well as positioning NYCO as a major player in the region", explains Eric
Piveteau, General Manager of NYCO.

The office will work on increasing NYCO’s visibility in Latin America, developing contacts with
prospects and local institutions, improving our customer support by more proximity, and coordinating
the already existing network of agents and distributors.

The office is located at:
NYCO – Representative office in Latin America
Building 3845 Panama Pacifico Boulevard
International Business Park – Panama Pacifico
Panama City, Panama

To contact the office:
François Fay, Head of representative office
+ 507 66452668 or +33 608 896 894

About NYCO
NYCO designs, creates and manufactures specialty lubricants for Aeronautics, Defense, Industry and Automotive businesses.
NYCO is the unique European manufacturer of aviation lubricants, qualified and approved by Engine manufacturers, OEMs and
Authorities, complying with international specifications (SAE, MIL-PRF-...).

NYCO Aeronautics:
- Turbine Oils for power plants, APU and other,
- Hydraulic Fluids for systems and landing gear absorber,
- Greases multipurpose and specifics.

NYCO Defence:
- Military lubricants for Air, Ground & Navy Forces,
- Ground Gas turbines lubricants.

NYCO Industry & Automotive:
- Synthetic esters base stocks for lubricants, plasticizers, dielectric fluids,
- Synthetic Lubricants for industrial & automotive applications,
- Environmentally considerate esters and lubricants.

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