AIM Aviation to Unveil Concept Interior at AIX

AIM Aviation will be unveiling a striking new concept interior on its stand at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, 8th – 10th April 2014.

The objective is to showcase what is feasible in terms of design, materials and realisation. AIM Aviation hopes to inspire visitors with ‘the art of the possible’ and construct a visionary interior born of congruous design and engineering.

Richard Bower, Group Commercial Director at AIM Aviation, says: “We want to introduce both new ideas and genuine options. While this is an exercise in the possibilities of design and manufacture, we are creating an interior that is entirely achievable. The concept interior will present the idea of blending styles between bars and galleys. It is based on the door 2 galley and bar complex of a Boeing wide-body aircraft but will also work for Airbus long-range platforms. Door 2 is essentially the lobby of the aircraft and creates the all-important first impression for passengers. We want to create continuity, connection and a greater sense of space, with a galley structure that is closely aligned to the adjacent bar unit in terms of style.”

The integrated bar and galley complex will provide the functionality required of a galley but will be stylised to meet the design ambitions of the airlines. Innovative display and storage solutions will be presented, along with creative lighting schemes and pioneering materials.